Lynn Taylor


Lynn Taylor is a writer in the field of water education.Lynn grew up around, or more like in, the water. Her family was lucky enough to live near the ocean where they would go swimming, and her grandparents lived near a lake where they would go boating and Lynn loved it! While growing up Lynn noticed an increasing amount of garbage on beaches and in the lake, which is what sparked her passion for saving the environment.


While earning her degree in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Nutrition, Lynn spent her summers working at a camp, helping kids learn how to swim and teaching them about the water and how to keep it clean and healthy. She loved being able to share her passion with others, so when she was approached by as a writer and blogger she jumped at the chance. She looks forward to being able to share her knowledge in the field of water education, as well as continue to learn herself.


Lynn Taylor is currently a resident in the New York City area with her dog Storm. When she's not researching and writing article, Lynn enjoys reading a good book, cooking and baking, doing fun DIY projects and swimming, especially at dog friendly beaches where Storm can join her.


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