Setting up your Berkey water filter system

This page gives detailed instruction needed to setup you berkey water filter system for the first time. These instructions will also be helpful to reinstall the filters after cleanig or just to answer some questions you have about the assembly of you water filter unit.

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Setup and assembly


  1. Remove your unit from the box and make sure you have all of the following parts:
    1- Upper water container (This container will have from 2 to 8 holes in the bottom depending on the model)
    1- Lower water container ( This container will have one hole in the side near the bottom)
    1- Lid
    1- Black plastic knob with screw and washer
    1- Spigot
    1- Set of 2 Black Berkey Purification elements. (each element has 1 washer and 1 wing nut)
    Hole plugs (Number of hole plugs varies with each model, Travel Berkey has none)
  2. Wash all parts of the container with warm water and a mild dishwashing soap. Dry the container parts.
  3. Install the Knob onto the lid using the screw and washer provided with the knob.
  4. Place one washer onto the threaded part of the spigot. Insert the threaded part of the spigot into the hole near the bottom on the side of the lower container. Place the second washer onto the threaded part of the spigot inside the container. Screw the nut onto the threaded part of the spigot and hand tighten.
  5. Prime the Black Berkey elements.
  6. Place the rubber washer onto the threaded part of the Black Berkey element. Insert the threaded part of the Black Berkey element into one of the holes in the bottom of the upper container

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