Replacement Filters

Choose the Berkey water filter replacement cartridge you are looking for from the options below!



Black Berkey Filters

Factory original, direct replacement for the Black Berkey purification element.

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Berkey Fluoride Filter

Direct factory original replacement for the Berkey PF-2 fluoride water filters.

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Berkey Shower Replacement

Direct factory-original replacement for the Berkey Shower water filter element; includes instructions and flushing adapter

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Sport Berkey Replacement

Direct factory original replacement for the Sport Berkey water bottle.

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There are many reasons why so many people shop our selection of replacement water filters. For one, our Berkey replacement filters remove a variety of contaminants from a supply of water. Parasites, heavy metal ions, cysts, and fluoride are just a few examples. Individuals who use our replacement water filters enjoy peace of mind about the quality of their water. This is especially important for parents who are trying to encourage their young children to drink more water.

Another reason why people shop our online inventory of Berkey replacement filters is the variety in our selection of water filter systems. We have replacement water filters for showers, drinking water systems, and even water bottles. We have different designs as well as filters that serve families of all sizes. In short, our replacement water filter selection has something to meet the needs of every customer!

Purchase a water filter replacement cartridge from us and you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to install. Often, it takes just a few seconds to put in a replacement water filter from Berkey. Our customers love the fact that their families have access to a fresh supply of clean water right away.

Our customers love to save money! When they buy one of our filters, they can fill a reusable bottle with water from home. Consequently, they don’t have to spend part of their grocery budget on bottled water. Plus, filling reusable bottles means that there are fewer plastic bottles that end up in a landfill. Our Berkey replacement filters are kind to the environment as well as a customer’s pocketbook.

Finally, our filters last a long time. While other water filters have to be replaced within a short amount of time, some of our products can effectively filter thousands of gallons of water! An individual or family can enjoy a clean supply of water for drinking and bathing without dealing with the hassle of frequent filter changes. Every water filter replacement cartridge in our selection is made to serve the needs of each unique household. Berkey is proud to offer replacement water filters that families can trust!


Water Purification Systems and Filters

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