Survey Says Preppers Rely on Berkey Water Filters

September 5th, 2012

We recently conducted a survey to determine the main reason our customers purchase Berkey water filters. Overwhelmingly, our customers responded that they prefer to purchase the Berkey filter as a part of emergency preparedness stockpiling. So why are Berkey filters so popular among emergency preppers?

Amazing Filtering Capability

The Black Berkey Elements have a unique structure that enables them to effectively remove many different kinds of contaminants from the water. Not only do these water filters remove contaminants like heavy metals but they can also remove viruses and bacteria, like E. coli. This means that in an emergency situation where clean water is not available, a person would be able to use the Berkey to filter water from any source, like a stream, pond, or lake, and make it drinkable. No chlorine bleach or boiling is necessary. Considering that the human body can only survive between 8 to 14 days without water, it only makes sense that a prepper would buy this water filter.

Easy to Assemble and Use

Assembly simply requires: 1) priming the elements, which saturates them with water, and 2) installing the elements and spigot by hand-tightening the components only. No tools are necessary. To use the unit, simply add water to the upper chamber and allow the water to filter through the elements. Since no electricity is necessary for the unit to function, the Berkey water filter is perfect for emergency situations.

Incredibly Long Lifespan

Each Black Berkey Element can last for approximately 3,000 gallons. Therefore, a unit that holds two elements can filter 6,000 gallons before requiring replacement. If a family of four is filtering four gallons of water per day using a two-element unit, they will not need to replace the elements for about four years! Over time, contaminants will clog the micro-pores of the element’s outer layer, causing the filtration rate to slow. When this occurs, the elements can be cleaned with a 3M ScotchBrite® pad. Preppers appreciate the long lifespan of the Berkey filters because they are assured a clean drinking water supply, even if the emergency situation were to last for several years.

No Expiration Date

The Black Berkey elements do not have an expiration date which means they can be stored indefinitely. This feature allows preppers to stockpile supplies now even though an emergency may not occur for many years.

Additional Benefit:  Dual Purpose

Survey results indicate that many preppers are now choosing to use their Berkey filters to purify their drinking water on a daily basis until an emergency situation occurs. The elements remove contaminants including chlorine from tap water which significantly improves the quality as well as the taste of the water. Using the Berkey filter for daily use in addition to emergency preparedness helps many individuals justify the initial cost of the Berkey filter.

There are so many reasons why preppers choose Berkey filters when planning for emergencies. No one knows when a natural disaster or other catastrophe will occur. Purchase a Berkey water filter and be prepared for any emergency.


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