Beware of the Bottle: Why Bottled Water isn’t Always Better

August 26th, 2013

Stop the madness, the pollution, and the greed! Filter your water – don’t buy bottled!

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Beware of the Bottle: Why Bottled Water isn’t Always Better

Everyone does it, right? I certainly do. Grabs that bottled water out of the fridge on their way out the door. This is good! We need to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, alert, and healthy, and a case of the stuff is super-cheap at my local mega-market. Plus, bottled water is filtered, so it’s much better than tap water. We recycle the bottles, so it’s no problemo to the environment… Okay, I’m going to stop right here and spare you further empty justification. These are just many of the myths surrounding bottled water, so please read on to find out the truth about why bottled water is bad.

It’s hard to fathom these three words: bottled, water-bad, as being interrelated. After all, we are taught that bottled water is good for us, healthier, and safer than tap water. Heck! Some ads suggest that bottled water will basically turn us into the Six Million Dollar Man and make us “better, stronger, faster”!

Believe me, I wish it were true – if it were, there’d be a ton of healthier people out there. Truth is; however, there are a lot of bad things about bottled water consumers like you and I need to know.

Bad bottled water doesn’t necessarily mean bottled water that has extended beyond the sell-by date printed on the plastic, although I don’t recommend drinking anything that has expired. No, bad bottled water can mean anything from tap water placed into a bottle and sold as bottled water, to the health risks associated with the plastic bottles from which we drink the water, to how these plastic bottles are destroying the environment. Oh yeah, there’s a LOT to consider when researching why bottled water is bad.

Let’s start off with what you’re actually getting. In most cases, those cases of bottled water you are purchasing and tossing into your refrigerator are nothing more than bottled municipality water. Yup, you got it right! It is tap water… in a bottle… that you’re paying for… over and above your water bill for your own tap water. So, if you’re drinking bottled water to avoid the dangers of the water coming out of your tap, well, I hate to be the “Debbie Downer” here, but you’re actually not.

Even bottles marked natural spring water, filtered water, or purified water are most likely nothing more than filtered public water bottled for sale. You really need to research the actual source of the water in order to ensure you’re getting real “mountain spring water.” I shudder to say, in most cases you will see that your bottled water is processed and bottled by a local …if that… processing plant.

Some other bad things about bottled water are its expense and its impact on the environment.

Let’s be honest, you’re already paying for your tap water, so why pay extra for all those bottles? The water is the same – you’re not getting any “super water” designed to be healthier and better for you. Rather, you’re wasting money on bad bottled water, when you could filter your tap water for better results. I’m saving my pennies to do something fun! Like taking a hiking trip through one of our many glorious mountain ranges where you really can scoop up in your hands and taste “mountain spring water”!

And, how about the environment? What does it actually take to manufacture all of those bottles for the water, and what happens to them once they’re thrown away? Well, if my answers to these questions don’t make you join in and say, “bottled + water = bad,” nothing I write will, and you might as well keep spending your hard-earned cash on bottled tap water! To explain, let me link some facts for you that will give you an idea what bottled water does to our external and, for that matter, your internal environment.

Ponder this:

Now, after reading all of this, you’re probably sitting there with your chin in your hands, shaking your head, thinking, ‘Why am I buying bottled water?!’

You might be mad. You probably feel deceived. You’re welcome…you’ve definitely just been given a wake-up call. And that, my friends, is the number one reason why bottled water is bad. The hoopla and claims are driven by greed. It’s a multi-million dollar industry… selling water.

Isn’t there a proverb about selling water in the Sahara? I fear it’s come true!


Written By: Lynn Taylor

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