How Much Water Should You Drink? There’s an App That Will Tell You

December 18th, 2013

There’s an app for that!

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How Much Water Should You Drink? There’s an App That Will Tell You

Are you consuming enough drinking water daily for your optimal dietary needs? Do you know how much water to drink for your body weight? Do you understand the benefits of drinking water? These are questions I ask people all the time because as a water expert, I understand the need we all have to drink an adequate amount of water daily. The adult human body is made up of approximately 50 to 65-percent water. You lose some of that water through urination and sweat. Dehydration is deadly. Do you drink enough water? Don’t worry, there’s an app that will tell you!

Why Drink Water?

The reason it is important to determine how much water to drink on a daily basis is because there are numerous health benefits of drinking water. Staying properly hydrated regulates your metabolism, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Keeping hydrated by drinking water also keeps your organs, especially your kidneys, function properly and flushes out toxins. Hydration helps your alertness, keeps your body temperature in check, and helps to regulate your blood pressure. You cells, tissues, joints, and muscles all need water. That’s why you should drink plenty of it. Here are some apps to help you ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Waterlogged by Shadel Software, Inc. — Waterlogged is an iPhone app that tracks your daily water intake so you know by day’s end if you’ve had enough H2O. This convenient app allows you to set your own personal water intake goal and then track the water as you drink it. With a quick tap of a picture of a glass size, Waterlogged records how much water you’ve consumed each time you refill. A picture of a glass filling with water is your quick snapshot of how much water you’ve consumed and how much more you need to consume to meet your daily goal.
  • Daily Water Free by Maxwell Software — Maxwell Software’s Daily Water Free is another app designed to help you keep track of your daily water intake. This app begins with pictures of empty glasses of water visible on your iPhone or iPad. As you drink each glass throughout the day, tap an empty glass to mark it full. You can continue tapping glasses should you drink more than the recommended six to eight glasses of water each day, and the app tracks your weekly progress with a convenient column chart.
  • Water Your Body by NorthPark — Android users will find plenty of drinking water apps to help them track their daily water intake as well. Water Your Body by NorthPark is one such app that allows you to customize your fluid measurements using either the imperial or metric system, and set reminders when it’s time to glug down some H2O. You can also easily track how much water you drink as you consume it and chart your progress in daily, weekly, and monthly increments.
  • CarboDroid by Westaflex — If you need an emotional visual, CarboDroid by Westaflex is the drinking app for you. CarboDroid is an android within the drinking app that looks quite sad in the morning if it hasn’t had enough water. As you track your water drinking progress throughout the day, the android begins to look happier and happier. After all, the water intake is refreshing it along with you. This is a fun app that might inspire those of you who simply don’t want to drink your daily allotment of water. After all, you don’t want a depressed android staring at you!
  • Hydro – Drink Water by Freshware — Freshware’s Hydro app comes with a water-drinking calculator to help you determine how much water you should consume per day, consumption progress capabilities, and reminders to ensure that you stay on track. While the company’s Facebook page might have posters taking the benefits of drinking water claims a bit far, the app still provides great tools in helping you determine how much water you need per day and tracks your progress as you go along. This multilanguage app allows you to customize your drinking cup sizes using the imperial or metric systems.
  • Drink More Water by Firecracker Software, Inc. — The purpose of getting a water-drinking app is to make sure you are drinking more water, right? So, Firecracker Software, Inc. certainly named its water-drinking app appropriately! The Drink More Water app comes with a Home screen widget, imperial or metric measurement capabilities, charting tools, drinking reminders, and a progress bar. You can customize your graphs to see how much water you’ve consumed daily, each week, or over a month, and you can customize quick tap buttons to help you easily input each glass of water as you drink it daily.

If you are having a difficult time ensuring that you drink enough water daily, I recommended downloading a water-drinking app onto your smartphone. These apps really help you along in your water-drinking goals. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be to stay on a healthy hydration track. You’ll also be surprised at how much better you will feel once you are – and remain – properly hydrated. If you use one of the apps I’ve listed, or have downloaded and use a different app, review it in the comments section – we’ll all benefit from your feedback.


Written By: Lynn Taylor

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