Different Ways to Naturally Flavor Your Water

April 10th, 2014

Berries are a wonderful way to infuse your water with flavor.
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Different Ways to Naturally Flavor Your Water

As a water expert, I understand the importance of choosing water over any other beverage to quench my thirst and properly hydrate my body. One of the challenges I face when people ask me about water is convincing them to give up their sodas, coffees, teas, juices – you name it – and drink water instead. There are numerous reasons why people prefer a soda to a glass of water, but it’s a safe bet that the primary reason boils down to taste. Even I’ll admit that a sugary beverage can be far more appealing than a plain ole’ glass of H2O.

The beverage manufacturers figured this out a long time ago and introduced “flavored” waters to the market. The stuff started flying off grocery shelves, and why wouldn’t it? After all, you’re drinking water and it’s tasty to boot! It’s much healthier than that can of cola… or is it? Unfortunately, no, it’s not. Flavored waters, sports drinks, fruit punches, I could go on, are all laden with sugar, and the sugar-free varieties are filled with unhealthy chemical “sweeteners.”

If you’ve just put your face in your hands and sighed in aggravation thinking, “Well, thank you for bursting that bubble, Lynn! I still don’t like a plain ole’ glass of water, so what do you propose I do?” Don’t worry! I’m going to tell you. There are plenty of ways to flavor your water naturally – that is after you’ve properly filtered it – and many of these ways have some added health benefits to boot. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can craft some tasty water and kick that soda habit.

Add Fresh or Frozen Fruit

A healthy diet consists of fruits on a daily basis anyway, so why not add some of the juicy natural wonders to your water. You can choose either fresh or frozen fruit – with zero sugar added, please – and this recipe couldn’t be simpler. Take your fruit – I recommend oranges, berries, pineapple, or peaches – and crush it in the bottom of your glass or a storage receptacle if you want to make enough for your daily intake. Pour your filtered water over the top and allow it to steep for several hours. Stir and enjoy. Keep in mind that the riper your fruit is, the juicier it will be and the more flavorful your water. Voila! You’re drinking healthy water with some much-needed natural fruit juice.

Add Cucumber/Lemon/Lime Slices

If you’re looking for a more tangy approach to flavored water, you can always do what many have been doing for years and that is adding lemon or lime slices to your water. You probably know that lemons and limes act as natural “cleansers,” helping your body to detox while you’re drinking the flavored water. If you aren’t a lemon or lime fan, however, do not lose hope. Why not add some refreshing cucumber slices to your glass of H2O instead? Cucumbers also work as a natural diuretic and add a crisp taste to your water. While you’re enjoying your cucumber-infused beverage, slice off two more rounds, lie back, and place them on your closed eyes for a relaxing de-puff. Background music is optional!

Add Flavored Ice Cubes

I recommend drinking water at room temperature because it’s easier for your body to absorb it. This being said, I also understand the need for an ice-cold glass of water on a super-hot summer day. Another way to flavor your water is to add flavored ice cubes. How do you do that? Take a page from the first tip in this post. Crush super juicy fresh fruit – you can even run it through your blender – and pour it into ice-cube trays and freeze. You can also buy unsweetened, natural fruit juice and freeze it into ice cubes. Add the flavored ice cubes to your water, or simply add frozen fruit to your water – that’s quick and easy!

These are just a few ways to make plain water palatable. You could also add fresh mint leaves or another herb that you favor. Combine ingredients to find the perfect recipe for your palate, because I do understand that some people just don’t like the taste of water – or feel it doesn’t have any taste at all. Keep in mind, however, that everything in moderation is always a good rule of thumb. Enjoy your fruit-steeped water, but don’t add extra sugar to sweeten it. Get your daily allotment of H2O as close to the natural form of water as possible. Trust me, you will feel better and your body will thank you for it!


Written By: Lynn Taylor

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