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How Much Water Should You Drink? There’s an App That Will Tell You

December 18th, 2013

There’s an app for that!

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How Much Water Should You Drink? There’s an App That Will Tell You

Are you consuming enough drinking water daily for your optimal dietary needs? Do you know how much water to drink for your body weight? Do you understand the benefits of drinking water? These are questions I ask people all the time because as a water expert, I understand the need we all have to drink an adequate amount of water daily. The adult human body is made up of approximately 50 to 65-percent water. You lose some of that water through urination and sweat. Dehydration is deadly. Do you drink enough water? Don’t worry, there’s an app that will tell you!

Why Drink Water?

The reason it is important to determine how much water to drink on a daily basis is because there are numerous health benefits of drinking water. Staying properly hydrated regulates your metabolism, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Keeping hydrated by drinking water also keeps your organs, especially your kidneys, function properly and flushes out toxins. Hydration helps your alertness, keeps your body temperature in check, and helps to regulate your blood pressure. You cells, tissues, joints, and muscles all need water. That’s why you should drink plenty of it. Here are some apps to help you ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Read more »

Survey Results Indicate Americans Use Mobile Apps in Emergencies

March 21st, 2013

A survey conducted by the American Red Cross in June 2012 reveals that mobile apps for emergency purposes are increasing in popularity. The survey results indicate that approximately 20% of Americans use mobile apps to get information about an emergency situation like a hurricane or tornado. Of course, the major communication channels like TV news, local radio stations, and online news are still the most popular sources of information. When the current survey results are compared with those from 2011, however, the reliance on these traditional communication channels have decreased by about 10% in each category while mobile apps usage for emergency purposes has remained constant at 20% and may very well increase in the near future.Mobile Phone

There are several Red Cross mobile apps available which include the First Aid, Shelter Finder, Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, and Wildfire Apps. According to the survey, the most popular type of emergency app is weather forecasting, with more than 80% of mobile users preferring this feature. Fortunately, location-based weather alerts are a feature of several of the Red Cross mobile apps. Another important feature of the Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, and Wildfire Apps is the one-touch, “I’m safe” messaging. With the touch of a button, users can notify their family and friends that they are safe via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. This is a worthwhile feature since 76% of the social media users that were surveyed said that if they saw emergency information posted on a social media site their first action would be to contact friends and family to see if they were safe.

Mobile apps can provide a large amount of essential information during an emergency. In addition to providing information and tools for survival, the Red Cross staff also believes the emergency mobile apps provide emotional support in a very stressful situation by allowing the user to stay connected with others during an emergency. Though the Red Cross still encourages individuals to first dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, the mobile apps now play a role in preparing for and surviving an emergency.


How Much Water Should I Drink? There’s an App for that!

December 26th, 2012

If you are concerned about health and fitness, you are likely aware of the importance of drinking water. Water not only hydrates your body following exercise but it also improves digestion and helps your body remove toxins. There are many other benefits of drinking water as well. Even if you do not engage in regular exercise activities, it is still important that you make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water. But you may find yourself asking, “How much water should I drink”?  Furthermore, your busy lifestyle may prevent you from remembering to drink enough water, causing you to feel dehydrated or tired. Fortunately, technology can save the day!

If you did not have one before, perhaps you just received an iPhone or other mobile device as a gift this holiday season. Applications (apps) are available for nearly every category, including drinking water. One app that is particularly popular is called “Water Your Body”. This app, which was updated a few months ago, calculates the amount of water that you should drink daily based on your current body weight that you enter and your lifestyle (exercise, etc.). It can help you create a customized drinking plan based on the size of container that you are using and you can set your device to remind you to drink water throughout the day. The default alert tone actually mimics the sound of water pouring into a glass.  The app can also track how much water you drink daily and present the information in an easy-to-read graph so that you can analyze your drinking water habits to see if they need improvement.  Most users rate the “Water Your Body” app very highly, claiming that it has really increased their drinking water intake.

By simply drinking the appropriate amount of clean water daily, you can experience numerous health benefits .    If you have a mobile device, you should consider the “Water Your Body” app.  Don’t miss out on an easy way to help improve your health and well-being.