Drinking Water Contaminants

 Clean water is essential to good health and general well being. With so many contaminants in today's water sources its hard to know even the potential threats that could be in your drinking water. In this section of Water Purification we will explore some different water contaminants that are very common in municipal, well,and off grid water sources. Additionally we will explore how those water contaminants are caused and why water purification is a good practice in this day and age. Water contamination can be caused many different ways, some organically others inorganically.

Organic Water Contaminants

 Pathogens, the most common organic water contamination source, are caused by water conditions that can naturally foster bacteria and other pathogens to multiply. Some examples of these conditions being stagnant water sources, warm water conditions, and areas of sewer discharge.

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Inorganic Water Contaminants

 Fertilizers, chemicals, and heavy metals are among the top inorganic water contaminants. These water contaminants are caused mainly by human disregard for water quality, but are often unintentional. Common sources of inorganic water contaminants are food processing facilities,power plants,and construction run-off.

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Macroscopic Water Contaminants

Some water contaminants can been seen with the naked eye. These drinking water contaminates are usually easy to spot and also easy to get rid of. Most common macroscopic contaminants are trash and sediment.


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Water Purification Systems and Filters

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