Berkey water filter

We carry the entire line of Berkey water filter products. Each product builds on Berkey's original founding concept of over performance while keeping it as simple as possible. Each Berkey water filter component is built with the highest quality standards and performance guidelines in mind. We use the finest materials and most advanced methods of production available in all of our manufacturing processes. Berkey confirms all performance benchmarks through independent verification laboratories to ensure the finest drinking water filtration abilities available anywhere, at an affordable price that offers unbeatable long term value. To find out what makes the Berkey water filter so great visit our page.

Water Filter

Berkey water filter systems come in several different models, all shown on this page for comparison. Each model was engineered with a specific set of guidelines in mind. The most important factor to consider is the number of people that the specific Berkey water filter model would be able to supply drinking water for. A second factor is, how would you be using the filter? Would you be using the water filter system to supply just drinking water or would the water from the Berkey also be needed for hygiene and cooking purposes? Finally, would you be using the Berkey system for everyday use or only in emergencies? All models produce the same quality of water (purified). The difference between the models is the amount of water that they are able to produce per hour and the size of the storage container. Larger Berkey models also hold more filter elements, this allows the system to produce water faster because of the higher flow rate. For help on selecting the right size Berkey model for your needs, Visit our Information page or use our Model Calculator.

Each Berkey specialty filter was developed because of demand created by ordinary people with unique water quality issues. From customers desires to rid their water of the once revered fluoride we developed the PF-2 fluoride filter. This filter uses the KDF process to remove up to 95% of the fluoride in your drinking water. For backpackers just wanting the ability to drinking water, they encountered on the go or travelers that needed the ability to drink water from remote or questionable local sources we developed the Sport Berkey. This amazing compact water filtering bottle allows you to purify water anywhere you go. For those who do not want chlorine vapor in their showering environment, we offer the Berkey Shower Filter. Each Berkey specialty filtration product was developed to meet our customer's unique needs.


Black Berkey Filters are designed to outlast all of our competition. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide lasting value through economy. Our main purification element, the Black Berkey, was engineered to last for literally years. Even with the most economical water filtration device on the market, our filtering elements still need to be replaced at some point during their long life. When that time comes we offer replacements built to the exacting standards you have come to expect and rely on from Berkey. The Berkey Fluoride Filter removes Fluoride from your drinking water. Our Shower Filter Replacement allows you to use your existing shower head or replace the filter on the Berkey shower filter.

Parts & Accessories

If you are not able to find the Berkey part or accessory you are looking for or need more information, please contact our Customer Service department.