Berkey Filters is Carbon Neutral

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Berkey Filters is proud to now be carbon neutral! Carbon neutral means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is offset or zeroed out by the amount of carbon absorbed. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere from things such as vehicle exhaust, and can be absorbed through plants, such as the incredibly effective mangrove trees. 

Our shipment transports' emissions are offset with the help of the efforts done by UPS. Projects supported by UPS include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction. Carbon neutral, also known as a carbon offset initiative. For packages shipped via UPS we buy our carbon offsets through Pachama and for US Postal Service and FedEx we purchase offsets through Cloverly 💚

Look for this icon placed next to any of the UPS shipping methods at checkout.

Berkey Filters Carbon Neutral  

As a company, Berkey Filters decided to contribute to positive efforts being made to conserve and preserve our natural resources. Berkey Filters is committed to doing our part to address climate change. It's a priority to be a leader in the holistic health and wellness space, which includes our environment.

From experience and evidence, spending time outdoors is beneficial to moods, energy, and physical health. Simply looking at trees can help lower blood pressure. A more vibrant and accessible to nature, the better we all are. 

Berkey Livin is all about actively living the purest life possible. Each individual must interpret what that means for them personally. For us, it's seeking healthy sustenance such as organic, in-season, locally-grown food, drinking purified water rid of toxins, and moving our bodies with gratitude, ultimately reaching for balance in mind, body, and spirit. Our habitat helps us get there. 

Regularly our employees use their break to go for a walk and soak up that Colorado sunshine. We reuse glass water bottles and try to minimize the amount of waste going into our dumpster. We appreciate big gulps of fresh air, the tickle of grass on our bare feet, the crunch of leaves on a hike, the healthy chirping of birds, and taking intentional time to connect with nature. Becoming carbon neutral is one more way we can embody Berkey Livin.

Sport Berkey and Go Berkey in Nature

Another company effort is to improve and increase in-house recycling. What that means is making our operation as efficient and low-waste as possible. At our headquarters in Souther Colorado, the warehouse goes through a lot of cardboard. Products received and shipped all arrive and are sent out in cardboard boxes. Inevitably, some of that cardboard can't be used again for consumers, so we recently installed a cardboard baler to crush boxes and form it into a dense cube. Once there's enough bales, or cubes, to fill a truck it's taken to recycling facility to be transformed into a useable product again. Instead of filling a dumpster we're now reducing our cardboard waste and contributing to resue.

Our annual Pass on Plastics campaign brings awareness to the detrimental effects of single-use disposable plastic while offering a sustainable solution. A Berkey water system cuts out the need to purchase plastic water bottles, therefore decreasing demand and discard. 

Will you join our efforts to save our planet?


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