Berkey Unfiltered: Candid Conversations with Berkey Experts

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Connecting with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We wouldn't be where we're at without you. We're genuinely grateful for your choice to do business with Berkey Filters. We really do aim to serve you and provide the best products and best service. In an effort to be transparent and explain frequently asked questions, we put together this video series. Berkey Unfiltered is here to discuss common customer inquiries. 

Why is a TDS meter not a good way to test Berkey water?

So, if you're not supposed to use a TDS meter for Berkey water, what should you use instead?


How long do filters last? 

Filters come in sets of two, a pair lasts approximately 6,000 gallons. Based on typical use that is usually two to five years. Filter lifespan calculation. 


Who is Berkey, really?

Meet the people behind the scenes. Put names to faces and understand the differences between us, the manufacturer and other distributors. 


Can you use a Berkey during a boil advisory?

What can Berkey really filter?


Tips and Tricks to Make Priming Easier

Have you ever given yourself a Berkey bath? Priming is a rite of passage. That's why we've jokingly called it Berkey baptism. Here's expert tips to reduce the amount of spills and splashes!


New Feature Revealed

Need Berkey help on the go?! You can now text us! 800-350-4170


What size Berkey is Best?

 Just like Goldilocks, you have to find the size that's juuussst right for you. 


How to get a Discounted Berkey without Waiting for a Sale?

 We have a special section in our warehouse just for discounted Scratch & Dent units


Looking for more answers to questions?

What topics should we cover next?


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