Berkeys are Perfect for RV and Van Nomad Lifestyles

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Can you really trust the water everywhere you go?

As nomadic lifestyle and mobility becomes more popular and accessible, there's a few products that have risen to the top as tried and true by the OG road masters. Potable water can sometimes be scarce in camping grounds, and packing enough water takes up valuable space. So, what's the solutions for good water while living in an RV, van, or renovated school bus? BERKEY!

Keep the comforts of brick and mortar living in your on-the-road home. Berkey water filter systems are and always have been designed to be portable. The upper and lower chambers can be nested within each other so that the valuable, limited real estate inside a camper isn't comprised. Almost any water can be poured into the top and produce pure water.

RV Life with a Berkey

Staying by a creek? Use a bucket to filter the stream water.

Staying at a campground with a questionable hose and faucet? Fill up a pitcher and fill up your Berkey.

Concerned about invisible contaminants and noticeable taste? Bring a Berkey--it removes over 200 common (and uncommon) contaminants and brings the pH of water to about seven, making it taste great.

Traveling with picky pets? Does Spot or Whiskers turn up their noses when presented with water from anywhere other than home? Majority of animals will go to Berkey water when two bowls are out (one with Berkey water and one with non-Berkey water). 

Another great advantage of incorporating a Berkey into your home-on-wheels is that all the systems do not require electricity. They operate completely on gravity. Part of the joy, appeal, and benefit of ditching the traditional house structure is the ability to be more immersed in nature--unplugged. Being in the middle of no where also often means limited or no power. Berkey has the same powerful purifying capabilities whether your humble abode is on or off the grid. 

Berkey Picnic Table

When moving from point A to point B, make sure your Berkey is secure. If your filter stems break they'll need to be replaced. To prevent the stems from snapping off always keep the Berkey straight up and down. Never set the chambers on its side while the filters are inside. If concerned about bumpy or windy roads you can remove the filters, unscrew the wing nuts, wrap the Black filters in a towel and place inside the upper chamber.

Berkey water filters have been a fan-favorite of RVers for decades and for good reason. Add to your home-away-from-home wishlist today. 



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