Bug-out or Shelter In Place with your Berkey

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These are uncertain times, I think most of us can agree. No matter who or where you are, you have felt the need or desire to be better prepared. Have you ever gone to the store looking for TP only to leave empty-handed? Some will argue clean water is more important than good soft TP in an emergency situation. We often view the extreme prepper, the urban zero-waste advocate, off the grid folk, and homesteaders as very different people with very different goals. In the end, they all share one important goal, independence and self-reliance. Be it months on end sheltering in place or having to bug-out of your home in a moment's notice due to a forest fire or hurricane, your Berkey should be with you. Berkey gives you water independence and self-reliance. 

•Shelter in Place- Be prepared. You never know when things will shut down, when just going out to get water and supplies can be a challenge or not feasible. Larger Berkey Systems are perfect for day to day use in normal times, in rough times it can be a lifeline. Knowing you have clean water is everything in an emergency situation. The water independence a Berkey gives you is ideal in a time of social distancing. Not having to go to the store to get water or fill up water jugs. Not having to rely on a water delivery service. These are just a few examples of the self-reliance and water independence larger Berkey Systems can provide while sheltering in place for extended periods.

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•Bug-out- Be prepared. It is scary to think about the worst-case scenario. Planning for the worst and hoping for the best is always a good plan. Knowing you are prepared for anything can help bring you peace of mind. Put together a bug-out bag. A bug-out bag has everything you need if you have just a few minutes to grab your family and things before leaving your home in a rush. The Go Berkey Kit is the perfect Berkey System for any bug-out bag. At the very least a Sport Berkey Water Bottle is a must-have!

A few key items to keep in your bug-out bag:

  • GO Berkey Kit  
  • - First Aid Kit
  • - Rope or Paracord
  • - Non-Perishable Food
  • - Lighting
  • - Navigation Equipment
  • - Multi-Purpose Tools
  • - Extra Clothing
  • - Cash
  • - Prescription Medication
  • - Water
  • - Identification
  • - Pictures of your Family (including pets!) 


    Benefits of Berkey if you are sheltering in place or bugging-out.

    • Shelf-life - The Black Berkey Filters have an indefinite shelf-life. They will be ready when you need them.

    • Simplicity - The Berkey is a gravity-fed water purification system. This means you do not need electricity or water pressure to purify your water. This is ideal for emergency situations where you may not have power or water pressure. 

    • Longevity - On average, each Black Filter can purify 3,000 gallons of water. You will not need to run to the store to get new filters during an emergency or quarantine situation.

    • Everyday functionality - The Berkey is so effective and efficient it can be used daily as part of your family's healthy living, not just for emergency or lockdown situations.

    • Variety - There is the perfectly sized Berkey for every home, and for every bug-out bag. 

    If you already have a Berkey at home, congratulations! You are already prepared for whatever hydration needs life may throw your way. That is what's great about Berkey, it's there for you every day of the year. Berkey is there in the good times, and in the worst of times. Whether you are casually drinking pure water on an average day, sheltering in place for long periods, or running out the door at a moment's notice, Berkey has your back!


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