Can Berkey REALLY filter pool water?

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You've heard the rumors -- during an emergency, you can drink pool water after running it through a Berkey. Is that really true?


The Black Berkey Filters remove chlorine, plus other things that might be lurking in your pool!

The system was designed for emergencies so that almost any water source can be turned into safe drinking water.

In the instance of a natural disaster when there's a loss of power and tap water service is disrupted, finding potable water can be a challenge. Authorities recommend filling up bathtubs, sinks, and other vessels prior to a storm in preparation for lack of availability of water from normal sources. With a Berkey, that train of thought can be taken one step further by using a pool or hot tub for water storage. 

Inside the upper chamber of the Berkey systems are black cylindrical filters. They are absolute power houses when it comes to removing contaminants! Chlorine, a common cleaning additive for pools, is excellent at disinfecting water, but it's not great to ingest. Our Black Berkey Filter Elements remove up to 99.99% of chlorine, even in high concentrations such as swimming pool water. The hazardous bacteria, E. coli, may be in the pool water. Luckily, Berkey filters out bacteria! And viruses, too. 

Yellow Cup. Stainless Steel.

Filtering pool water through a Berkey system:

Don't do it often. Use for emergencies only. The life-span of the filters can be shortened with excessive contaminants. Due to the elevated levels of contaminants in pool/hot tub water, the filters have to work harder and get saturated with toxins faster. If you filter pool water often you may have to replace your filters much sooner. 

We know what Berkey removes because of our extensive testing. However, we don't know what's exactly in your pool. Due to that unknown, there may be things in your water that Berkey does not remove, so use with caution. It's never a bad idea to boil water first before filtering (make sure to NEVER pour boiling water on the filters or directly into your Berkey). 

How to Filter Pool or Hot Tub Water Through a Berkey:

Use a bucket, pitcher or other container to fill with pool (or hot tub) water and then pour into the top chamber of the Berkey. If no other container is available you can dip the upper chamber directly into the pool. However, be extremely careful not to break the stems of the filters. Avoid tipping or laying it on its side. Let the water work its way through the filters into the bottom chamber and then enjoy clean, drinkable water.

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