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We don’t get offended here at Berkey Filters headquarters when people misspell our brand. After-all, we’re not quite a household name (our die-hard fans sort of like it that way). So you can excuse people for not knowing how to spell “Berkey”. It’s not like we’re Brita. Or is it Britta?

We get a good chuckle from all the different ways we've seen our name misspelled and mispronounced. Just for fun, here's a list of our top favorite Berkey misspellings.

This one comes in all the time. People just love their "Berkeley filters"! While we appreciate the enthusiasm, we hope these people know that we're not in any way affiliated with the university in California.

You don't drink water out of a Burpee filter. Just like your personal trainer isn't going to ask you to do twenty berkeys to warm up.

Nor are we the garden seed company, Burpee. Although, we highly recommend watering those Burpee seeds with Berkey water if they're indoors because delicate plants don't thrive as well with chlorinated water.

Burkey with a U does seem cool, but that's not us. Beware of copy cats!

We love a good "ie" moment. Those two letters make words ten times cuter. Anyone else feel like that too? Go pour some water from the tapie into the jugie, then filter it through the berkie to remove all of the contaminanties. :-)

You've probably seen IYKYK on social media. It's short for "If You Know, You Know", indicating to an inside joke or referencing something that you had to be there for. We feel like Berkey water is like that. Most people are skeptical, often saying "water is water, you can't REALLY tell a difference," or "how can water taste that much better?" Well, IYKYK. Berkey water is the best water.

Other Misspellings
We don't get these as often, but they're common enough to make the list:

● Berkly

● Berkee

● Berkley

● Burkee

● Birkey

Once you have Berkey water, it's hard to ever go back. Our biggest fans affectionately call themselves water snobs, which we interpret as a good thing! They're not being a snob in the sense that you're mean or cruel. It's just easier to tell the difference between purified water and tap water - preference dictates the taste for Berkey water.

How have you seen Berkey misspelled or heard mispronounced?


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