Gift Guide for Crunchy Moms

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What do you get for your mom when she already has everything ? Does she have pure, great-tasting water at her fingertips?

She's dedicated to raising healthy kids, providing nurturing care, and choosing nontoxic, safe products. Return the favor and give her the gift of good water.  A Berkey Water Filter System might be just the ticket for a Mother's Day, Christmas or birthday gift! Show mom how much you care about her well-being by giving her an easy-to-use tool that removes even the most minuscule contaminants. She'll love the unrivaled taste and every time she fills up a water glass, she'll think of you. 

For the Empty Nester Mom

The kids are out of the house and off on their own. This mom enjoys her adult kids and watching them grow out in the "real world." She loves when they come back to visit but also has come to cherish the peace of her much-earned me-time. The perfect Berkey system size for her is a Big Berkey! It suits her daily habits without having to refill the upper chamber seemingly constantly but also handles a crowd when the kids come back, sometimes with a significant other. The Big Berkey holds 2.25 gallons which hydrates a family of four with ease. 

For the Mom Who Always Hosts Sleepovers

You know the mom that always has extra snacks, has an entire closet dedicated to blankets and pillows and seem at-ease when what seems like the all the neighborhood kids are playing in her backyard. This mom definitely needs a Crown Berkey! It's the best Berkey size for big bunches of people. The Crown holds six gallons and sits 31 inches tall and eleven inches wide. 

For the Outdoorsy Mom

The always-on-the-move mom is spontaneous and prepared all the same time! She's ready to hike up the mountain with enough gear to share with anyone that might need anything. She also loves any chance to soak up sunshine whether thats a soccer game, little league practice, or gardening. The Berkey Light would be a great gift for this mom, it's in the name--light, as in light weight. This one is ideal for camping because it ensures good, clean water for everyone and only weighs seven pounds when empty. 

Check out the Sport Berkey too! It's a compact water bottle with the same filtration powers as the larger systems.

For the Mom who Loves Tea

Does the mom in your life always have a cup of tea within an arms' length away? Is she a connoisseur of the flavor of herbs, and spices? If you know, you know that she knows the water that is used just as important as the leaves it is seeped in. She has a refined palate and for that she deserves a Royal Berkey. This system size holds 3.25 gallons of pure water. Ideal for filling up water glasses, as well as tea kettles every day. 

Give the gift of clean water to the mother in your life!


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