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Berkey for Outdoors


Berkey is built for going outside! It's meant to be portable! The filters are designed to handle river water, pond water, and even snow. 


Outdoor Hydration is Crucial

Proper hydration in the outdoors is tantamount! Clean, uncontaminated water can make the difference between a good outing, and a bad one. For those extreme outdoor enthusiasts, proper water purification can be a real lifesaver. Good hydration will allow you to-

• Avoid early fatigue during activities.

• Maintain peak performance for longer.

• keep your energy up, making you less prone to accidents. 

• Avoid getting sick from things like dehydration, heatstroke, or altitude sickness.

There is a Berkey for Every Outdoor Activity

The Sport Berkey- Just fill it up, and start hydrating. Perfect for any outing, big or small.

Man filling sport berkey from lake.

The Go Berkey Kit-  Versatile, compact, there when you need it the most. The Go Berkey has a one-quart capacity and is only 10" when nested together. The Go utilizes a single Black Berkey Filter that will purify up to 3,000 gallons of water! Talk about a lot of power in a small package. The Kit also contains a Sport Berkey and a Black Berkey Primer. The Black Berkey Primer is huge when it comes to priming filters outdoors, without any water pressure.


Filling up Go Berkey with lake water

Larger Berkey Systems- If you are doing any outdoor activity where space and weight are not an issue, grab that Berkey from the kitchen and take it with you! If you are doing it right, you are drinking lots of water while playing outside. There's nothing like being outdoors and having gallons and gallons of Berkey water at your fingertips! 

Tips and Tricks When Taking Your Berkey Outdoors 

• Remove the filters before you go! You do not want to snap the stems of your Black Filters in transit.

• Think about investing in a Berkey Tote. This will protect your beautiful Berkey while on the road, and keep all your Berkey parts together in one place. 

• Before heading out with your Berkey, think about how you will prime your Black Filters. You may not have water pressure.

• The Black Berkey Primer- The BBP is an awesome tool for priming when there is no water pressure! It also makes purging and drying your filters a snap.

• A great outdoor Berkey hack "Priming Without a Priming Button". 

• You can prime your Black Filters at home. Put them in a Zip-Top bag, and stick them in your cooler. With all things in the great outdoors, be prepared! Even if you have pre-primed your filters, take your Black Berkey Primer, just in case.

No matter where you go or what you are doing in the Great Outdoors, there is a Berkey for you. Get out there and have some fun!





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