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Budget is not a dirty word.  Though, sometimes it can definitely feel like it!  This year our economy has been hit hard by the pandemic, and living on a budget has become more important than ever.  People are looking for more ways to save money.  When we are forced to take a close look at our spending habits it can be very eye opening. It can be surprising to realize just how much we spend on things, like fast food, or bottled water!

Americans consumed 14.4 billion gallons of bottled water in 2019. You read that right, 14.4 BILLION!  Can you imagine the cost of that much bottled water?  Especially for something that you can access in most homes for a fraction of the price!

In spite of efforts to reduce plastic pollution, the water bottle industry just seems to be growing.  This is probably in large part due to all of the water contamination scares that have occurred in recent years, such as in Flint, Michigan.  Most bottled water is just tap water anyway and isn’t any healthier.

So what is the solution?  

Investing in a quality water filter, like Berkey filters, is one of the easiest ways to start saving big bucks right away.  

Like BIG bucks. 

Let’s break it down.  One set of black Berkey filters can last up to 6,000 gallons and costs $148.  The cost of 6,000 gallons of bottled water is around $3,420 for the cheap stuff at your local member’s warehouse store.  That is a savings of almost 2,500%!!!!  Seriously, what?!

An added benefit to cost is that the Berkey removes over 200+ contaminants, making your water safer to drink than bottled water.  Not to mention that it will keep thousands upon thousands of plastic bottles from winding up in our oceans and landfills.

So, we get that using a filter saves you A LOT of money, but why specifically Berkey?  Let’s take a look at the cost of a set of Berkey filters vs. filters from other common systems.  

Berkey: 1 set of 2 filters =  $148 / 6,000 gallons = $.02/gallon

Brita Pitcher: 1 filter =  $4.50 / 40 gallons = $.11/gallon

Zero Water Pitcher:  1 filter = $10 / 22.5 gallons = $.44/gallon

Berkey is by far the most economical of the 3, and removes SOOO many more contaminants from the water.  It is healthier, and more budget-friendly. 

If you are looking to make some changes to your budget, Berkey is definitely a smart way to get started!

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