National Hydration Day

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It's our favorite day! Celebrate National Hydration Day - June 23rd with us! It's no secret, we LOVE water! Call us aquaphilics! So, when there's an entire day dedicated to hydration, we're all in! The best way to hydrate is with quality water, rid of contaminants and not depleted of essential minerals. 

Drink better water. Drink Berkey water. Berkey water is better water.

To observe this holiday, drink plenty of water, encourage others to stay hydrated, and share your love for hydration!

Hydration is important because water is essential for the body to function. Primarily digestion, water is needed to move nutrients and waste through and out. Water is essential to life. You've heard this fact four-gazillion times, but for good measure, one more time; our bodies are made of 70% of water. It's got to be pretty important if majority of our being is made out of it, right? 

Simply put, water is a great mover. It helps move nutrients from food (and water itself) to the parts of the body that need it. Water carries built-up bad materials out, through the digestive system as well as through sweat. Clearing the body of toxins, water is the ultimate detoxer

Water is a solvent, which means it's critical for breaking down nutrients for easier absorption. Saliva, mostly water, is the first step in dissolving food. Once in the  stomach and large intestine, water is absorbed into the blood stream which improves circulation. The kidneys use water to help flush out toxins, and any excess build up of substances. 

Water ingested also helps hydrate from the inside out for improved skin health. Skin is the first barrier of protection, the healthier our skin, the better it can protect our innards. Hydrated = Healthy

Hydration is also correlated to improved mood. A registered dietitian nutritionist, Kim Rose, RDN, CDCES, CNSC, says “Some of the symptoms of general anxiety include headaches, fatigue, and irritability. Dehydration can augment headaches, and water—or a lack thereof—can impact cognition, perception, and energy levels.” For improved cognitive function, supply your brain with H2O.  

Tips to Drink More Water:

● Six Best Hydration Hacks

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 Because "drink more water" gets boring real fast.

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Get Others to Join In:

See a sip, send a sip! Challenge your friends and family to drink more water. We love this social media trend!

Share your #BerkeyLove

Share a testimony of the benefits you noticed after you started drinking Berkey water.

Hydration Hacks with Berkey 

Happy National Hydration Day!

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We believe in the power of water. We hydrate the world with peace of mind. --Berkey Filters


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