Pets Need Filtered Water Too!

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Similar to humans, cats and dog’s bodies are made up of 80% water. But because they are much smaller, the harmful contaminants found in most tap water could be even more harmful to our pets. 

They're your babies, and it only makes sense that you would want to provide them with the best water possible! You should drink healthy filtered water, and so should they.



Is Your Water Healthy?

Start by testing your water. This way you will know exactly what harmful contaminants you and your pets are ingesting. You can also ask your local water company for a yearly report on your water. We recommend checking out your water score (you'll be surprised!), all you need is your zip code!


Next, look into a water filter. Water Filters remove contaminants, rather than use chemicals to treat water. To drink water free from chemicals, filtering is the best route for you and your pets. Check our comparison articles on how the most popular water filters compare with the Berkey. 

We may be biased, but recommend a Berkey for you and your family (including fur children). Berkey Systems remove bacteria and viruses but leave healthy minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium) in your water. Not only do Berkey Filters remove more than other filters, but they do it at a lower cost per gallon than the top 10 home water filters.




Finally, keep their water and food dishes clean. Frequent cleaning of your pet’s dishes will keep bacteria and mold away. We recommend giving their food and water dishes a good clean with warm soapy water, every few days.  


Your pets will taste the Berkey difference.

If the water tastes better, it will encourage pets to drink more water, keeping them from getting dehydrated! So, go ahead, keep spoiling your four-legged friends. Give them the best-filtered water. They will thank you in sloppy kisses, sweet purrs, and wagging tails.

Cats Prefer Berkey Water


Don't just take our word, See what Nicole of The Leopard Coat had to say...


Berkey Filter Article from The Leopard Coat  

 “Everyone in the family has been loving our new Berkey water filtration system. It makes our water literally taste dreamy! As in: I want to drink it all the time! The girls love getting the water on their own and for Moose, too!”





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