Real vs. Fake Berkey

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New logo on Berkey systems! A cleaner, more simplified Berkey logo is making its way on the production line. New systems will don a rectangle neatly encapsulating Berkey®. The manufacturer of Berkey water filters is transitioning away from Berkey® by NMCL, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd, and NMCL to focus more on the core brand, Berkey®. 

"We will have a mixed inventory for a while as we work through the systems with the old logo versus the new one. You may have already received some new systems featuring the updated logo." --Berkey manufacturing company. 

A different, unfamiliar logo is usually a cause for suspension and should raise questions about the authenticity of a product. In this case, the new logo is just a re-branding. One way to ensure you're getting the real deal verify that where you're buying your Berkey from is an Authorized Berkey Dealer. Be sure to look for the Authorized Berkey® Dealer Badge when shopping.

Authorized Dealer Badge

Be wary of counterfeit Berkeys. Make sure you are always buying from an authorized dealer, such as We're not telling you what to do, but there have been reports of people receiving counterfeit systems from unauthorized dealers. Buyer beware!

New vs Old Berkey System Logo

The old design included text New Millennium Concepts as well as their logo. The updated design sheds the extra embossing for a sleeker appearance.  

Where's the best place to buy a Berkey?


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