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Not having the convenience of safe, filtered water with you while on the go can be challenging without bottled water or drinking from water fountains that can sometimes taste weird, this is where the Sport Berkey shines! Not only does it give you the convince of carrying only one water on your adventure, but it offers the ability to refill and filter questionable water, allowing you to stay hydrated anywhere!



The Savings!

The most miraculous attribute that the Sport Berkey has to offer is its savings compared to bottled water. Not much thought goes into purchasing bottled water, but when you consider how much it costs over time, it can be costly compared to a the Sport model. The bottle can also be reused with a Sport Berkey Replacement Filter instead of replacing the entire bottle, making it 2.8x cheaper than bottled water!

How Do You Prefer Your 100 Gallons? 

Water Bottle Comparison

Where and when to use the Sport Berkey

You might ask yourself, when and where can one utilize a portable filtration bottle like the Sport Berkey? The truth to that question is that there is no exact answer! The Sport is perfect for any occasion, from your day-to-day activities to all your grand outdoor adventures! As long as you have a water source to fill the bottle, you'll be able to filter it and stay hydrated. Here are a few places that are perfect a Sport Berkey. You can take it with you on an airplane, camping, fishing, hiking, prepping, bug-out bag, emergencies, gym, yoga, dog park, vacations, and many other ventures!


Sport Berkey Lifestyle


Pro Tips!

• When storing, make sure to always empty the bottle, and let the filter dry out. Store in a sealed container until the next desired use.

• Empty before TSA check and fill up at a water fountain after.

• When changing elevations - i.e., plane trip, do not leave in your bag as it may pressurize and leak. Keep it out, pull down the loop to extend the straw so that it can be de-pressurized.

• Do not place fruit or other substances other than water in the bottle; doing so can clog the filter.

• Do not leave in a hot or cold vehicle.

• Packing a bug-out bag? Throw in a Sport Berkey so that you can be sure that you'll have clean water to drink in emergencies.


The theory behind the Sport Berkey's innovation is simple. It's designed to reduce or remove harmful contaminants from questionable water sources, including streams, lakes, stagnant ponds, and sub-standard water supplies in foreign countries where regulations are non-existent or not enforced.

Made from BPA/BPS Free Low-Density Polyethylene and has a 22 oz capacity, one Sport Berkey can help eliminate up to 758 (16.9oz) plastic bottles!

~ The Real Berkey


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