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Give your Berkey a boost! 

Add a stainless steel stand to your water purification system for easy access to fill up glasses, cups, bottles, or pitchers. Lift it up off the counter for a roomy six inches of space below the spigot.

The feet of the Berkey base has a rubber coating to prevent slipping and the edges are raised to secure the bottom chamber of your Berkey. The Berkey stainless stand comes in four different sizes ranging from eight inches across to fit the Travel system to twelve inches across to fit the Imperial and Crown systems. 

Plus two options for Berkey Light systems! The Berkey Light base comes with the purchase of that system, or opt for a LED base--a great idea for adding night light in the kitchen for midnight snacks and drinks of water. Or an excellent way to illuminate a dark campsite when out in the woods. 

Check out our bundles for the best price on a Berkey system with a stand. Get both at once! 

Berkey Filter Stand


Create a Berkey Drink Station

Personalize your Berkey and curate a drink station. Making intentional space in your home featuring purified drinking water is a pleasing visual cue to stay hydrated. The polished stainless steel design gives the Berkey a sleek look that can fit seamlessly into almost any home aesthetic. 

Moody aesthetic drink station

Add Plants

Greenery brightens up any space and gives clean, fresh vibes--exactly what you want your water to be. Use varying heights and shapes of plants to frame your Berkey and draw your eye in. Plants nearby also make it more convenient to water them.  

Berkey and Plants

Eye Level for Little Ones

Establish the good habit of drinking water for kids by bringing your Berkey to their level. Set up a side table or coffee table as a drink station at kid height. 

Helpful Hint: Boroux Stainless Steel Cups limit the likelihood of plastic chemicals leaching into the water and are safe and unbreakable. 

Teach your children at an early age the importance of staying hydrated, especially with water. Praise opting for healthy H2O over sugary, processed liquids. 

Kids' drink station

Towel, Placemat, or Fabric

Anyone else have an insatiable obsession with fabric prints but no idea what to do with them? Presto bingo! Use them as a pop of color for underneath your Berkey. Tie in your tablescape by using a coordinating placemat under your Berkey. Display your decorative tea towels with your Berkey.

Bonus: Using fabric also absorbs the inevitable little spills that happen.

Decorative plants and Berkey

Different Spigots

Something simple yet makes such a difference--change out the spigot. Berkey Filters offers three options. The classic black spigot ties together the black knob on top and the black non-slip ring on the bottom. A stainless steel spigot gives it a clean unified look. Or opt for a water view spigot. Take the guesswork out of when to refill by being able to see the water level. The clear glass of the waterview spigot adds a fun element that kids love! Seeing the water "bounce" when filling up a cup of water is sure to bring giggles.


Large Berkey Filter


Run out of room on your water bottle for your terrific sticker collection? Or maybe your cooler is maxed out of available sticker real estate. Add them to your Berkey! Where you fill-up should match what you fill-up. Decorate your Boroux bottles and adhere a few stickers to your Berkey too!

Find vibrantly colored stickers that remind you of your adventures. Reminiscing about good times will trigger happy chemicals in your brain. After a while your brain will associate drinking Berkey water with happy chemicals, directing you to go back often. Easy way to drink more water!

Three Water Bottles

Googly Eyes

Now, this is just silly, but don't we all need a little more silliness in our lives? Just a subtle addition of two little googly eyes adds some fun to filling up your water glass. Give your Berkey a personality, it will be like visiting a friend each time you go to get a drink of H2O. 

Other Ways to Elevate your Berkey

Raise up your drinking standards by raising up your Berkey. Place your unit on top of a cake stand, a decorative box, a stack of books, plant holder, or a custom-built stand.

Berkey with decorative plants   Wood stand for Berkey
What does your Berkey drink station look like? Tag us using #BerkeyLove

Drink Station


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