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Workout Recovery With Berkey Water!

Faster Workout Recovery with Berkey

Like most things in life, the human body and its muscles need balance to operate smoothly. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, hydrating before, during, and after strenuous exercise is crucial. Demanding activities create stress to the body, causing soreness and making it go into overdrive to recover to its normal state. Staying hydrated helps alleviate soreness and allows for smoother joints, stronger muscles, and better overall energy!


Start-Stop List for 2021

Write down things you're going to start doing and also what you're going to stop doing. This should help you bring clarity to the direction you want to go. From this list you can make an action plan so that your resolutions don't fall flat. 

Sport Berkey - Purifying water on the go!

You don’t have time to filter a new batch of water, so you contemplate filling up your bottle from the tap or refrigerator. This is where the Sport Berkey comes in as your saving grace.

What's in a Berkey?

What's in a Berkey? So you just ordered or received your first Berkey Water Filter system. Congrats you're one huge step closer to better water!

Using Berkey to Start your Spring Garden

Sprouting seeds is a satisfying and rewarding experience for beginners to Master Gardeners. We recommend starting with hardy productive plants like tomatoes or basil and using Berkey Water to remove contaminants while sprouting!

20+ Ways To Use Berkey Water

You can never have too much water! Check out these 24 ways to use clean filtered Berkey Water!

Berkey Traveling Tips!

Learn what to do with your Berkey while you're on short and long trips. Can't stand to leave your Berkey behind? Take it with you! Find out how to travel, transport and store your Berkey!


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