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Berkey Light vs Big Berkey

Berkey Light vs. Big Berkey Stainless Steel

Don't know how to decide between the Berkey Light and the Big Berkey or other stainless steel system? Which Berkey system is best? How do you know which size will work for you? How do you choose between all the options? Which Berkey size is best? What's the difference between the plastic chambers and the stainless steel chamber? So many questions! The biggest difference is the appearance and the material of the chambers. It matters what's on the inside! All Berkey systems have the same powerful black filters that remove contaminants in our unique purification process. Both have pros both have cons! Depends on the situation and your preference. Consider these factors for Berkey Light versus a Big Berkey.


What's in a Berkey?

What's in a Berkey? So you just ordered or received your first Berkey Water Filter system. Congrats you're one huge step closer to better water!

Watering Seedlings with Berkey

Use Berkey water for best results when starting a garden from seeds. Harsh chemicals found in tap water are especially detrimental to seedlings. Berkey removes over 200 substances, including commonly found chlorine and glyphosate. Quench your plants' thirst with Berkey water. 

20+ Ways To Use Berkey Water

You can never have too much water! Check out these 24 ways to use clean filtered Berkey Water!

Berkey Traveling Tips!

Learn what to do with your Berkey while you're on short and long trips. Can't stand to leave your Berkey behind? Take it with you! Find out how to travel, transport and store your Berkey!


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