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Workout Recovery With Berkey Water!

Faster Workout Recovery with Berkey

Like most things in life, the human body and its muscles need balance to operate smoothly. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, hydrating before, during, and after strenuous exercise is crucial. Demanding activities create stress to the body, causing soreness and making it go into overdrive to recover to its normal state. Staying hydrated helps alleviate soreness and allows for smoother joints, stronger muscles, and better overall energy!


Start-Stop List for 2021

Write down things you're going to start doing and also what you're going to stop doing. This should help you bring clarity to the direction you want to go. From this list you can make an action plan so that your resolutions don't fall flat. 

Berkey Cinco De Mayo

Taco Tuesdays with Margaritas! These days we have been doing a lot of cooking from home. Let's zest up your supper, put a little fun, and zing into a night spent in the comforts of your home! Margaritas and Tacos done the Berkey way is a sure-fire way to light up your night! Here are some simple steps to having an amazing fiesta at home!!

Berkey Filters VS Plastic Bottled Water

Say No to Plastic! Deciding to eliminate plastic bottled water from your life is no easy task. Knowing what goes into producing bottled water may help encourage you to limit your bottled water usage if you haven't already done so.

What is Berkey Livin'?

What is Berkey Livin'? What is a Berkey and why should I care? The Berkey is a powerful Water Filter, and you are after all what you eat and drink! Berkey Livin' is all about taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the powerful purifier, and having access to the best water possible.

Tiny Shiny Home

Ashley Longnecker with tinyshinyhome shares about her family of six and their home, an Airstream Trailer. Learn why the Big Berkey is the one kitchen item she will never be without!

Max La Manna and his Zero Waste Movement

Join us and Zero Waste Chef Max La Manna, to hear what he has to say about his zero-waste movement, and how if he could, he would take his Berkey anywhere!


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