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Workout Recovery With Berkey Water!

Faster Workout Recovery with Berkey

Like most things in life, the human body and its muscles need balance to operate smoothly. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, hydrating before, during, and after strenuous exercise is crucial. Demanding activities create stress to the body, causing soreness and making it go into overdrive to recover to its normal state. Staying hydrated helps alleviate soreness and allows for smoother joints, stronger muscles, and better overall energy!


Start-Stop List for 2021

Write down things you're going to start doing and also what you're going to stop doing. This should help you bring clarity to the direction you want to go. From this list you can make an action plan so that your resolutions don't fall flat. 

Better Water and Exercise

Proper hydration is an essential aspect of exercise. Regardless of if you are a serious athlete or exercising for recreation, drinking adequate amo......

What's in Your Water? And What does Berkey remove?

Use our Water Quality Search to look up your water provider's water report and learn what else comes out of the tap with your water. Learn more about what is allowed in your tap water and if leading scientists believe the allowed levels of Chromium 6, Chlorine, Arsenic, Lead, and more are safe to consume.

Why Filtered Water Matters

High-quality healthy water is just as, if not MORE important as high-quality non-toxic food. But did you know 21 million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards?! Drink Better Water with Berkey.

Are Your Children Drinking Safe Water?

Have you thought about the quality of water you're drinking/using or giving to your kids? Many municipalities use harsh chemicals, to treat water, which remain in your water...

Pets Need Filtered Water Too!

Just like humans, cats and dogs' bodies are made up of 80% water. It only makes sense that you would want to provide them with the best water possible. 


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