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 I have been really into Berkey Filters for a good while now. Recently, the Berkey Shower Filter has been a unicorn. Rare, misunderstood, highly sought after.

Let's meet the new Berkey Inline Shower Filter, it is effective and available. Filtering your shower water promotes health and beauty on the inside and the outside of your body.  

What Does the Inline Shower Filter Do?

The Shower Filter will:

• Reduce up to 98% of harsh chlorine from your water.

• Kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

•Reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and iron oxide, sediment, and other heavy metals.

Why Is Chlorine Reduction So Important?

•When you shower, the chlorine in your water is vaporized. When you inhale this vaporized chlorine, it is being shot directly into your blood stream.

While our bodies can filter out much of the chlorine from our drinking water, the THMs and other disinfectant byproducts we inhale during showers and baths may be much more harmful, since the chlorine gas we inhale enters directly into our bloodstream. 

Therefore, even if you filter your drinking water, the amount of toxins you are exposed to from your daily shower or bath, through inhalation or skin absorption, may be cause for greater concern.

Research has demonstrated that the cancer risk associated with chlorinated water may actually be due to showering and bathing, rather than drinking the chlorinated water. 

• What Does Chlorine do to our Skin and Hair? 

The chemical strips your hair and skin of the natural oils in charge of keeping damage out and moisture in. leaving your skin dry, itchy, flaky, and sensitive, and your hair and nails dry and brittle. 

Facts and Questions about the Wellspring Shower Filter. 

•Keep the shower head you enjoy.

•Replace just the cartridge annually.

•Inline Shower Filter fits standard ½" plumbing fixtures. Connect it between the shower arm and most shower heads. 

•Easy-Replace Shower Filter Cartridges can be swapped out by hand in mere moments,

•Lifespan: up to 30,000 gallons (113,400 liters) / 1 year

•Overall dimensions: H: 5.1" (128.25mm) x W: 3.5" (86.75mm) x D: 5.1" (129mm)

•Any 1/2" Diameter Shower head is compatible. 

•Whats in the BOX? Filter cartridge, Cartridge housing, Plumbing plate, Rubber washer, Plumber’s tape, Instructions.

•What do you need? Adjustable pipe wrench or pliers.

•The Shower Filter is not a purifier like our Berkey Drinking Water Systems


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