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We are honored to have Ashley Longnecker with Tiny Shiny Home, as our guest blogger this month.

She and her family of six live in a 220 square foot Air Stream Trailer!

Check out what she has to say about their adventures, and why the Big Berkey, aka "that shiny thing on the counter" is the one kitchen item they will never be without!

Good morning Berkey friends! I’m Ashley – mom, teacher, adventure seeker, route planner and executive chef of the Tiny Shiny Home crew. We are a crazy family of six traveling North America in our renovated 1972 Airstream Sovereign in search of epic adventures and a minimalist lifestyle.


The Longnecker Family next to their Airstream

We primarily boondock, which means we camp in the middle of nowhere without hookups such as water or electricity. Our Airstream is powered by the sun, which gives us the freedom to be off-grid for long periods of time. We haul our water with jugs and a collapsable water bladder and pump it into our 40-gallon freshwater tank.

We have been nomadic for over 3 years now and have had the most incredible time exploring with our 4 amazing kids. We crave new adventures, epic hikes, and an ever-changing backyard.

With summer in full swing and lots of hiking plans, we require a rather large amount of water. From our house to our first RV, and now nestled in our Tiny Shiny Home, our Big Berkey is the one kitchen item we will never be without. We even made sure to design a space for it during our Airstream renovation.

Tiny Shiny Home's Big Berkey

When people come into our home on wheels they always ask us about the ‘shiny thing on the counter’ and usually leave convinced they need to get their own. With the ever-changing quality of water in North America, we are so thankful to always have filtered water everywhere we go.

Having a Berkey water filter gives us one less thing to worry about. Since we know we will always have high-quality drinking water, that means our hardest decision is whether we visit the desert, the mountains or the ocean next.

To follow along on our adventures, you can find us on Youtube. See you down the road!

-Ashley Longnecker 

Tiny Shiny Home


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