Start-Stop List for 2021

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Welcome to a new year! 2021 brings excited anticipation and reasonable apprehension. What will the next 12 months bring? Instead of making a standard list of resolutions, we suggest making a Start-Stop list. Write down things you're going to start doing and also what you're going to stop doing. This should help you bring clarity to the direction you want to go. From this list you can make an action plan so that your resolutions don't fall flat. 

We've had good success with addressing the small things. Letting the ripple effect of making small changes for everyday habits impact the big goals and dreams. Starting doing one thing differently or better leads to doing one more thing better which leads to one more good habit and so on until your life is transformed. Here's what we're going to work on. Let us know what's on your list! 


Drinking more water.

This is nothing new. We all know water is good for us. If it's not already on your to-do list, this is your gentle nudge. Set out a glass or water bottle in an obvious, visible place as a physical reminder to hydrate. Put a note (or several) in places that you frequently see, such as on the bathroom mirror, inside a kitchen cabinet door, or on the dashboard of your car. Set reminders in your phone. Check out these other Hydration Tips. Drink your water friends!

Washing produce with clean water.

Take care of your fruits and veggies! All too often we waste produce because it goes bad before we eat it. This is counter productive and a bad habit. Treat your produce with respect and wash it using the cleanest water possible--Berkey water! When you make clean food a higher priority it makes you more aware of it, therefore throwing it out less often.



Wasting money.

Stop spending money on things that don't last. Incorporate products that are sustainable and improve your life. Stop buying bottled water. Stop buying filters that don't last. Stop settling for water filters when you can have a water purifier. Each Black Berkey Filters last for 3,000 gallons. Far exceeding all other competitions lifespan. Berkey systems are economical and over the course of time the cost of clean, purified water is about 2 cents per gallon. 

Using Disposable Plastic 

It might be too big of a leap to completely quit using disposable plastic in all areas of you life. But we say start small and go from there. Begin with not buying plastic water bottles. You can take your Berkey water with you when you're on the go with a Boroux bottle. From there you can start replacing disposable, plastic shampoo bottles with refillable containers. Incorporate reusable glass containers for food storage instead of plastic ones. Continue swapping out the disposable plastic in your life for long-lasting,  better-for-environment,  and better-for-you options. You might just be amazed how this little change, changes everything.


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