Berkey Filters Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teaching can be a challenging career in the best of times, so with the past year's added obstacles the Berkey Filters team thought it was fitting to show some local teachers some Berkey Love! 

The Berkey Filters headquarters is less than seven miles away Vineland Middle School. Earlier this Spring, the P.E. teacher, who is also the Staff Wellness Coordinator, was tasked with finding solutions to encourage healthy habits among the staff. After lots of research she landed on improving hydration because of the abundant benefits of drinking enough water every day. She purchased a Berkey system for her fellow faculty to use in the break room. 

Since news travels fast in tight-knit communities, the Berkey Filters marketing team heard about this story and decided to surprise them with extra replacement filters and coffee mugs. A small token of appreciation for the numerous hours and tireless effort teachers give to our community.  

Teachers at Vineland Middle School can now hydrate with fresh, clean water. Adequate hydration helps with energy levels, preventing and curing headaches, keeping infections at bay, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Staff refill their water bottles throughout the day for a sip of purified water. A shiny new Berkey Water Filter is now a staple in the break room.


We visited with Angie Gorham, the Staff Wellness Coordinator, about her decision to buy a Berkey for the teacher's lounge. 

Why did you decide to buy a Berkey for the school?

This year there is a focus on staff wellness. We were able to get some money to improve our staff wellness room, and we thought a Berkey would be a great addition. We decided to buy a Berkey because it was highly recommended and wanted the best for our staff. 

What do you think of it so far?

We love the Berkey! It is so nice knowing that we have access to filtered water all day long.  

Have you noticed a difference in the water taste?

Yes, we have definitely noticed a difference in the taste. Most of the staff have started drinking more water because of it! Not only does the water from the Berkey taste different from the tap water in the sink but we can still taste a difference in the filtered water from the fridge to the Berkey….so much better.  

How do you plan on using your Berkey?

We have our Berkey set up in our Staff Wellness Room. Our staff members have access to it all day. 


What do you do as the staff wellness coordinator? 

I am the Staff Wellness Coordinator but wouldn’t be able to get anything done without the awesome Wellness Committee that we have here at Vineland Middle School. We promote wellness throughout the school within our staff members and students. 

What’s the biggest challenge in this position?

I think the fight against time is one of the biggest challenges in this position. 

What’s the biggest triumph in this position?

The biggest triumph in this position is seeing the small lifestyle changes that the staff and students have had toward becoming a healthier version of themselves. 

Who was in the picture?

Some awesome staff members! (left to right) Jennifer Scott, Randi Richie, Dianna Stanley, Tige Schornack, Angie Gorham, and Debbie Knecht.


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