20+ Ways To Use Berkey Water

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Are you a new Berkey owner looking to integrate Berkey water into your life?


Or maybe you're looking to purchase a Berkey to reduce unwanted contaminants from your drinking, cooking, and hygiene routine!


Well, dear water drinker, either way, this list is for you!   

24 Ways to use Berkey Water


1. On the Go - BYOB(W)

BYOB(W), or Bring Your Own Berkey Water! Take a bottle with you everywhere you go! Carrying your own bottle of Berkey water will allow you to have access to the best tasting water possible! #watersnob 


2. Store in Fridge

Fill a pitcher, carafe or 6 pack of bottles, and store in the fridge for cold Berkey water all the time! 

 Cold Berkey Water


3. Smoothies

Who doesn't love a good smoothie!?  Packed with nutrients on the go, smoothies are a great way to keep hydrated and energized!


4. Water For Pets

Your pet's smaller body is even more sensitive than yours, to chemicals and contaminants in water, so make sure to share! Try a taste test, we've found paws down our fur babies prefer Berkey water over tap.

5. Brewing Kombucha

Oh, the health benefits of Kombucha! This fermented tea is packed full of probiotics and is tasty too! If you haven't tried it yet, we strongly recommend doing so. 

    6. In Coffee

    Coffee tastes so much smoother and richer when using Berkey water. Our filtered water is after all free of the chlorine!

    Berkey Pumpkin Coffee 

    7. In Hot Chocolate

    C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E, need we say more? This steamy drink, like coffee, tastes superior with Berkey water!


    8. In Tea & Lemonade

    Enjoy your favorite beverages sans chlorine, we guarantee they'll taste superior!

     Berkey Lemonade

    9. Homemade Almond or Coconut Milk

    Berkey Water Snobs agree, using Berkey water in homemade milk is key to a great tasting drink.


    10. In a Soda Stream

    Bubbly and delicious, a Soda Stream is a great way to enhance your water drinking experience, even more so when the water is free from chemicals!


    11. Make Your Own Apple Cider

    Almost nothing says Autumn like apple cider! You can easily make your own, with Berkey water.


    12. Berkey Ice Cubes

    Ice melts... and you'll notice immediately when drinking Berkey water with non-Berkey ice - YUCK! Try using a silicone ice tray and filling with Berkey water to avoid the funky fridge ice cube taste. Take it a step further and add fruit for a fun kick of flavor!  

    Berkey Ice 

    13. Fermenting food

    Berkey water is the perfect solution for non-chlorinated water called for in a fermentation brine! 


    14. Nut Butters

    When making your own nut butter use Berkey water to soak the nuts, overnight, and say goodbye to; Chromium 6, PFOAs, and other contaminants leaching their way into your favorite foods!


    15. Popsicles

    Tasty and chemical-free! Enjoy a homemade version of the hot weather favorite using Berkey water!

    Berkey Popsicles


    16. Baby Formula

    When mixing baby formula use filtered water!  Water standards are set for adults (~150lbs) with fully developed organs etc., babies are much more susceptible to chemicals and contaminants in water than adults.


    17. Cooking

    Boiling your pasta, steaming veggies, and making bone broth with Berkey water will allow you to enjoy your favorite meals without chlorine vapor inhalation! #winning! 

    Berkey Water in Pot 

    18. Washing Your Face

    The chemicals (i.e. Chlorine) used to treat many water sources can really dry out your skin!  Use Berkey water to wash your face instead.  Take it a step further and use a Berkey Shower Filter - your skin and hair will thank you!


    19. Brushing teeth

    It's inevitable if you're using tap water to brush, you're going to swallow some! So make the switch to Berkey for your daily hygiene routine as well as your daily hydration routine!


    20. DIY Home Disinfectant

    Take another step in protecting your loved ones, by making a cleaning solution free from harsh chemicals with; Berkey water, vinegar, and your favorite essential oils!

    Berkey DIY Disinfectant


    21. DIY Simmering Potpourri

    Easy and cheap, simmering potpourri is a quick way to generate a custom smell throughout your home! We like adding a few drops of peppermint oil (or extract) to a boiling pot, or small crockpot, of Berkey water!


    22. Watering Indoor plants

    Continue to water your plants with Berkey water, and you'll notice your plants will flourish!  After all, water is returned to its freshest state with a Berkey Filter.