What's in Your Water? And What does Berkey remove?

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Water, we all need it to survive but sometimes water doesn't taste, as water should.

Have you ever filled up a glass or pitcher from the tap, and it smells like a swimming pool? Or maybe after you get out of the shower your skin smells like you've been doing laps?

Well, fellow water drinker what you're smelling, and consuming, are the chemicals used by water treatment plants to "clean" your tap water.

You may wonder are there other tasteless contaminants in my water? The answer, yes, more than likely.


EPA Water Standards. Is Legal Safe?

EPA standards are approximately 20 years old, that's before the first iPhone! Think about how far technology and science have come in the last 20 years. That's two decades more of research on the health effects of contaminants in water, and even the discovery of new harmful toxins in water!

Another important consideration is EPA water requirements are set for individual contaminants and don't take into account the safety of the chemical reactions between contaminants. 

Finally, think about who is drinking your tap water. EPA standards are set for an average adult, who is fully developed. The effects on water pollutants on children are not regulated. And again as mentioned above, standards haven't been re-addressed in 20 years.

What's in my water, and is it safe?

Powered by the EWG's tap water database, Berkey Filters' Water Quality Search, allows you to:

1. Type in your Zip Code

2. Choose your water provider

3. View You Water Results!


Your Water Results

Water Results

Water Results

After selecting your water provider, our database pulls the public water reports and compiles your water results. Here you can see the number of contaminants found in your water, as well as the number that exceed health guidelines. 

The EWG Health Guideline is the level determined by scientists to be safe, you'll notice it's very often substantially lower than the legally allowed levels.

Each contaminant is listed in a drop-down menu where key takeaways are listed specific to the pollutant, including if the Berkey Water Filter has been tested to remove it!

View Your Water Results


Find out what Berkey removes.


Tap Water Database


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