Why Filtered Water Matters

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You care about the food you eat and getting enough exercise, but have you considered the quality of water you drink? 

High-quality healthy water is just as, if not MORE important as high-quality non-GMO food.  The human body is made up of 70% of water, on average. So you can understand why it is important to stay hydrated. When you're hydrated, everything works better, and you'll feel better!


Water Quantity and Quality

Infographic: How Much Your Body Depends on Water

Quality Matters

Consider your produce. If cost wasn't a consideration, would you prefer genetically modified, pesticide-treated produce or would you prefer organic, non-GMO produce? 

No one wants to ingest unnecessary chemicals.

Now ask yourself the same question about your water!  Would you choose to drink water that has been chemically treated, and ingest these chemicals? Or water that has contaminants and chemicals removed? 


But my water provider treats my water, right?

Yes, however, how your water is treated is important. When you turn on your tap, you may be able to smell the chemicals used to treat your municipal water.

Did you know 21 million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards?! For this reason, it's important to view your water provider's test results. This is the best way to understand what's really in your water. We recommend checking out your water score with our tap water database, all you need is your zip code!

Rather than using harsh chemicals, that remain in your water, Water Filters use granulated media to remove and trap contaminants within themselves. Our filter, the Berkey does this better than just about any filter on the market.


What's a Berkey?

What's a Berkey? Animated GIF

You may ask, how is Berkey able to remove so many contaminants? 

In the simplest terms, Berkey's Black Filters are made of granulated media, so compact, with a pore size so small, that contaminants are trapped within the filter, never making it into your filtered water!

Other filters, on the market, are not nearly as dense nor do they contain our unique proprietary makeup. For this reason, our competitor's filters do not remove close to the 200+ contaminants Berkey has been independently tested to remove. Learn more about our purification process here.

Take control of the water you drink with a Berkey Filter. Make the choice today to cut out unhealthy water and switch to Berkey Water; you won’t be disappointed! 

Systems start as low as $274 - which includes the two Black Berkey Filters (6,000-gallon capacity) for cost of 5¢ per gallon (total investment) - substantially less expensive than other filters.


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