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Easy Science Experiments with Water

Kid-Friendly Science Experiments With Water

Learn about the properties of water by performing a number of fun science experiments. Discover how water is constructed, the stages of the water cycle, and how it changes states.  Water is one of the most essential chemicals in the world. It makes up 70% of our bodies and covers approximately 70% of our Earth. Water is an elementary chemical composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O) that form a covalent bond. Despite the simplicity of the molecule, water behaves in several unusual ways, best illustrated through these fun, kid-friendly science experiments. 


Well Water Contamination

Well water contamination is highly dependent on local context. A given well’s proximity to a variety of manmade structures and human activity will make all the difference as to its vulnerability to contamination. 

Berkeys are Perfect for RV and Van Nomad Lifestyles

Can you really trust the water everywhere you go? As nomadic lifestyle and mobility becomes more popular and accessible, there's a few products that have risen to the top as tried and true by the OG road masters. Potable water can sometimes be scarce in camping grounds, and packing enough water takes up valuable space. So, what's the solutions for good water while living in an RV, van, or renovated school bus? BERKEY!

Countertop Berkey vs. Whole-House Filter

Comparing a Berkey water filter system to a whole-house water filter system, such as reverse osmosis, several things to consider when deciding what type of filter and which system is best. The spectrum of options is almost infinite, factors ranging from price, effectiveness, size, and maintenance. Narrow down your choice by considering these factors.

Why Do My Filters Have a Weird Film on Them?

Help! What's the weird-looking stuff on my filters? Have no fear--that's totally normal and a-ok. That's the visible proof that the water you're drinking doesn't have THAT in it. Over time the contaminants bond to the carbon, they can clog the pores and make it harder for the water to pass through the filters. Cleaning the filters with a 3M non-scratch Scotch Brite Pad will strip away the outer layer of the carbon where the pores are clogged. This will expose a fresh layer of carbon and allow the filters to purify at a faster pace. You will want to perform cleaning of the filters anytime they begin to slow in flow or have any visible build up on the exterior of them. You will want to be sure that after cleaning the filters, you always prime them to rid of any air pockets within the filters. They are manufactured to sustain up to 100 cleanings in their lifespan. Proper cleaning is the key to the longevity of the filter’s lifespan.

Why Berkeys are Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of several different metals that are stronger when combined than when on their own. Berkey uses stainless steel because of it's special properties; rust resistance, easy to clean, durable, less plastic, and aesthetics. With the exception of the Berkey Light, the upper and lower chambers of all Berkeys are made with stainless steel, which is stronger than aluminum, but more giving than many other metals. Your Berkey filter will last for years and years!

Does Berkey Remove Parasites?

If you don't get the heebie-jeebies thinking about parasites being in your water--you have a higher 'ew' tolerance than we do! Parasites live and feed off of a host, such as your body. They can be small, one-celled protozoa organisms or large worms. Parasites cause parasitic diseases such as giardia, toxoplasmosis, and malaria. Take that risk factor out of possible parasites in your water by filtering it through a Berkey system. Berkey removes ALL parasites and prevents water contamination. 

Berkey Light vs. Big Berkey Stainless Steel

Don't know how to decide between the Berkey Light and the Big Berkey or other stainless steel system? Which Berkey system is best? How do you know which size will work for you? How do you choose between all the options? Which Berkey size is best? What's the difference between the plastic chambers and the stainless steel chamber? So many questions! The biggest difference is the appearance and the material of the chambers. It matters what's on the inside! All Berkey systems have the same powerful black filters that remove contaminants in our unique purification process. Both have pros both have cons! Depends on the situation and your preference. Consider these factors for Berkey Light versus a Big Berkey.

Can Berkey REALLY filter pool water?

You've heard the rumors--you can drink pool water after running it through a Berkey. Is that really true? Yes! The Black Berkey Filters remove chlorine, plus whatever else might be lurking in your pool! The system was designed for emergencies so that almost any water source can be turned into safe drinking water.

Why Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home?

Quality home water filtration is one of the best investments you can make for the health of you and your family. Home water filtration offers a higher-quality water product than what's found in bottled water, with the added convenience of using water from your own tap.


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