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Berkey Light vs Big Berkey

Berkey Light vs. Big Berkey Stainless Steel

Don't know how to decide between the Berkey Light and the Big Berkey or other stainless steel system? Which Berkey system is best? How do you know which size will work for you? How do you choose between all the options? Which Berkey size is best? What's the difference between the plastic chambers and the stainless steel chamber? So many questions! The biggest difference is the appearance and the material of the chambers. It matters what's on the inside! All Berkey systems have the same powerful black filters that remove contaminants in our unique purification process. Both have pros both have cons! Depends on the situation and your preference. Consider these factors for Berkey Light versus a Big Berkey.


Can Berkey REALLY filter pool water?

You've heard the rumors--you can drink pool water after running it through a Berkey. Is that really true? Yes! The Black Berkey Filters remove chlorine, plus whatever else might be lurking in your pool! The system was designed for emergencies so that almost any water source can be turned into safe drinking water.

Why Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home?

Quality home water filtration is one of the best investments you can make for the health of you and your family. Home water filtration offers a higher-quality water product than what's found in bottled water, with the added convenience of using water from your own tap.

How Long Does it Take for a Big Berkey to Filter Water?

Can't wait for pure water?! Patience, young grasshopper. 🦗 Great things take time and Berkey water is no exception. The flow rate for a Big Berkey is about one gallon per hour with two Black Filters in the upper chamber. Since the Big Berkey holds 2.25 gallons it will take about two hours and fifteen minutes for the entire upper chamber to be filtered through to the bottom chamber. Or course, there are some variances and it may filter faster or slower based on a couple of different scenarios.

Big Berkey vs. Royal Berkey? Which Size is Best?

It's time for the battle between the Berkey sizes! Big Berkey versus Royal Berkey! Which one will be the victor?! Spoiler Alert: We ❤️  both!  Can't decide between the Big Berkey or the Royal Berkey? How does one decide and choose which Berkey size is the greatest? Having trouble selecting a Berkey system? Weigh the pros and cons of these two sizes.  Similarities: Both systems are made of stainless steel, hold up to four Black Berkey filters, and up to four fluoride filters. Their powerful filtering capabilities are the same. The main aspect that separates the two is size and cost. The Royal Berkey is bigger and therefore costs more, however, the cost over time is still about two cents per gallon no matter the Berkey system size. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Water Filter?

Either your water has a weird, unpleasant taste, or you've taken a look at your results from EWQ and now you're on the quest to get a water filter. Something! Anything! to improve taste and remove toxins. Seriously, seeing some of the contaminant levels in certain zip codes is scary! There's hundreds maybe even thousands of options out there for water filters. Choosing a product is overwhelming! Where do you even start? What features are the most important? Are you getting what you pay for? How long will it last? All these questions and more are addressed in this post: price, longevity, efficacy, service, and set up.

The Best Water Filter for Preppers

1. No Electricity Needed Water is pulled downward through the filters by the gravitational pull of the Earth. No need to plug in or rely on the power grid to use this water filter system... 2. Long-lasting Buy a Berkey now and it will last for years, possibly even decades... 3. Serve a Large Group The most popular system, The Big Berkey, can create enough purified water for 16 people in a crunch... 4. Removes Contaminants A common problem as an effect of natural disasters is contaminated drinking water.... 5. Can Filter Several Water Sources The amazing Black Berkey Filters can handle pool water (including hot tubs), stream, lake, and pond water, and compromised well water...

Gift Guide for Crunchy Moms

A Berkey Water Filter System might be just the thing for the mom that already has everything. Show the mother in your life how much you care about her well-being by giving her an easy-to-use tool that removes even the most minuscule contaminants. She'll love the unrivaled taste and every time she fills up a water glass, she'll think of you. Give the gift of clean water for Mother's Day this year!

Berkey Filters Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

A shiny new Berkey Water Filter is now a staple in the break room at Vineland Middle School. As a small token of appreciation for the numerous hours and tireless effort teachers give to our community, Berkey Filters surprised VMS staff with extra replacement filters and coffee mugs. Teachers at Vineland Middle School can now hydrate with fresh, clean water throughout the day. 

Detox with Berkey Water

One simple way to remove contaminants every day is drinking purified Berkey water. It's one of the easiest way to introduce a detoxifying routine into your life. Ready to rid your body of toxins? Whatever your level of comfort is, there is a spectrum of strategies you can do to detoxify. Cleansing the body should be done with caution. Make sure to do plenty of research beforehand. Since most tap water comes from municipalities or wells, there can still be harmful contaminants in it, even after being "cleaned." It doesn't make a lot of sense to do a full body cleanse, drinking water, if the water is free of toxins itself. Berkey water is better water. Don't derail an entire detox regime with detrimental H20.  Purified water ensures that what goes in is actually going to contribute to detoxifying. Berkey Water Filter Systems remove over two-hundred contaminants. The black filters do such a good job at keeping toxins out they are considered water purifiers, a higher classification above water filters. The best water to use for a detox is Berkey water. Drinking water from a Berkey is also an easy way to incorporate detox principles into everyday life. 


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