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Using a Go Berkey to filter river water

Can You REALLY Filter River Water Through a Berkey?

Can a Berkey really make dirty river water into clear, purified water? YES! There is a visible difference and a microscopic change that happens with water passes through a Berkey system. The appearance is clear without little "floaties" swimming around. Rest assured, the filter element have been rigorously tested--taking care of all the invisible contaminants.  The best way to filter any water source through a Berkey is by setting the lower chamber of the Berkey on a flat (or as flat as possible), stable surface. To prevent the filters breaking its ideal to use a bucket, pitcher or other container to fill with water and then pour into the upper chamber of the Berkey system. If another container is unavailable, fill the upper chamber directly with water and then place it on-top the lower chamber, careful not to break the stem of the black Berkey Filters.


Where is the Best Place to Buy a Berkey?

Where is the best place to buy a Berkey? Right here at! One of the best water purifiers on the market today is a Berkey Water Filter Systems. So, where is the best place to order from to get a Berkey for yourself? Is a Berkey worth it? Yes!

Can Berkey Filter Snow?

Yes. Allow the snow to melt first. Don’t put ice or snow directly into the upper chamber. The Black Berkey Filters can become damaged and quit working if frozen. If possible boil first and allow it to cool, before putting it into your Berkey filter unit. Berkeys can filter out at least 99% of over 200 pollutants. However, without knowing what’s in your ice or snow it's a good idea to take as many precautions as possible.

Berkey Troubleshooting

Is Your Berkey Not Working Properly? Fear not. Try these troubleshooting tips to solve any problems you might have with your Berkey system.

What Does Berkey Remove?

What does a Black Berkey Filter remove? What exactly do Berkeys filter out? Find out more about which contaminants are removed from Berkey water.

What's in a Berkey?

What's in a Berkey? So you just ordered or received your first Berkey Water Filter system. Congrats you're one huge step closer to better water!

Six Best Hydration Tips!

Our six favorite tips to keep you hydrated. #1 the quality of water of course! Drink better water. with Berkey water! Staying hydrated helps with all your body functions, so drinking the cleanest water is key.

All-Purpose Natural Household Cleaner Recipe

Make the switch to clean, non-toxic living, without getting overwhelmed!  When you are just starting out it may seem like you will never be able t......

Bugout or Shelter-In-Place With Your Berkey

Berkey is there for you in the good times and in the worst of times. Whether you are causally drinking pure water on an average day, sheltering in place for long periods, or running out the door at a moment's notice, Berkey is there for you!

Canning with Berkey CAN Make All the Difference

The Best Secret Ingredient--Berkey water. Why go to the trouble of picking the most beautiful fruits and veggies that were grown without chemicals, only to store them in a swimming pool of them? A Berkey Filter removes over 200 contaminants from your water, including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, etc.   There are some simple ways to incorporate Berkey water into your canning process, whether using a water bath canner or a pressure canner.


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