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Berkeys are Better than Plastic Bottled Water

Berkey Filters VS Plastic Bottled Water

Pass on Plastics! Join Berkey Filters in eliminating plastic waste, especially single-use, disposable water bottles. By using a Berkey water filter enjoy higher-quality water, at a lower cost, and eliminate plastic waste which is better for the environment.


Watering Seedlings with Berkey

Use Berkey water for best results when starting a garden from seeds. Harsh chemicals found in tap water are especially detrimental to seedlings. Berkey removes over 200 substances, including commonly found chlorine and glyphosate. Quench your plants' thirst with Berkey water. 

Shipping and Inventory Updates

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What is Berkey Livin'?

Clean water and peace of mind. A Berkey is a powerful water filter. It purifies H2O, returning it to its natural state. Berkey Livin' is all about taking steps toward a healthier, happier, well-prepared life. We ask the question, how can you transform your daily habits into your optimal lifestyle? There is so much to stress about these days (the toxins in your drinking water, staying hydrated, what you would do if the power went out). Berkeys offer peace of mind knowing the water you and your family are drinking is safe.  Learn more about this powerful purifier, and having access to the best water possible.

Should I Filter My Tap Water?

High-quality healthy water is just as, if not MORE important as high-quality non-toxic food. Did you know 21 million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards?! Drink Better Water with Berkey.

Is the Water Your Children Drinking Safe?

Have you thought about the quality of water you're drinking/using or giving to your kids? Many municipalities use harsh chemicals, to treat water, which remain in your water...

Pets Need Filtered Water Too!

Just like humans, cats and dogs' bodies are made up of 80% water. It only makes sense that you would want to provide them with the best water possible. 

20+ Ways To Use Berkey Water

You can never have too much water! Check out these 24 ways to use clean filtered Berkey Water!

Tiny Shiny Home

Ashley Longnecker with tinyshinyhome shares about her family of six and their home, an Airstream Trailer. Learn why the Big Berkey is the one kitchen item she will never be without!

Berkey Traveling Tips!

Learn what to do with your Berkey while you're on short and long trips. Can't stand to leave your Berkey behind? Take it with you! Find out how to travel, transport and store your Berkey!


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