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What is a Berkey, and Why Should I Care?

The Berkey, in the simplest terms, is a powerful water filter. It removes more than almost all other filters on the market. Check out our Berkey versus series for a head to head on a variety of Water Filters.

Our community of over a million Berkey Filters users all have one thing in common; they without question LOVE the taste of their Berkey Filtered Water.  They refer to themselves as #watersnobs!


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Why Should You Care?

Your body is made of over 70% water, and after all, you are what you eat & drink. But do you know what’s in your water? Unlike tap water, which is often chemically treated, the Berkey removes contaminants! Read more about why filtered water matters and how Berkey compares to the 10 most popular water filters.

Once you start drinking Berkey Water, like our #watersnobs, you'll be surprised by the taste difference, and find yourself drinking more water. 


The Reason Behind the Taste Difference

Berkey users no longer worry about their water. They don't worry when a newly discovered harmful contaminant is discovered or system outage at their water treatment provider. This is because the Berkey has been rigorously tested to extremely high standards. The test results show a very clear picture - this Filter is POWERFUL!

Tested, and proven to remove 200+ contaminants the Berkey beats the top 10 home water filters in terms of removal and cost per gallon. Additionally, the Berkey is not just a filter, but a powerful classification of filter called a Purifier, see our filter v purifier article for a more in-depth explanation.


Water Snobs 

What is Berkey Livin’?

Berkey Livin’ is not a materialistic thing, but rather taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle, often begun by seeking out better water.


Our Watersnobs describe it best, so we asked them, What is Berkeylivin’ to you! 


 "Berkey Livin' is how our family lives. Once we started using Berkey water we noticed the difference in taste and smell immediately! When we welcomed our first kiddo, we really went into Berkey Livin’ overdrive just doing our best to rid our lifestyle of toxins. Toxins in water, food, cleaning products etc. My Berkey is a daily reminder of our family’s goal to be healthier!"
Kate | Mid 30’s | Momma & Avid Reader
"Drinking Berkey Water was a life-changing experience - I’m totally serious! I can tell I’m getting clean water now and want to use water in everything. I find myself making a point to use it in every way possible. Kitty’s getting fresh drinking water now too!" 
Cody | Mid 20’s| Gym & Fishing Enthusiast
"To me, Berkey Livin’ is living healthy, making small changes trying to rid our home of harsh chemicals and limit plastic usage."
Gina | Barely 40 | Momma & Photographer
"It’s not a material thing but the next step in a healthy lifestyle. You're concerned with eating better and exercising, but what about drinking better water?"
Mitchell | Mid 20’s | Father & Nutrition Expert
"We used to buy 3+ cases of bottled water every month, and the cost adds up quickly! With Berkey, I’m saving money and drinking better water. I realized I didn't know what clean water tasted like until drinking Berkey!"
Raul | Mid 20’s | Grilling & Landscape Enthusiast
"Berkey Livin’ is my internal philosophy and goal of life. The continuous search to always find out how to improve my health. IE no plastic, reducing toxins in life, recycling, and achieving a low carbon footprint. I’m always trying to achieve the next level of Berkey Livin'."
Guy | Mid 30’s | Father & Outdoor Adventure Seeker




What is Berkey Livin’ to you? We’d love to hear in the comments!


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  • Maria

    I am in my 70’s and do everything I can to support my non-toxic lifestyle. Foundational to that is my Big Berkey. I did a lot of research on water filters before choosing Berkey, and I KNOW I made the right choice.

  • Ted

    Love my Berkey.

  • Grace

    We have had Berkey water for almost 4 years. We drink and cook with It. What a difference in taste. My house plants thrive on Berkey whereas they suffered with city water.

  • Giles Cassie

    Just ordered my Big Berkey! Used one in St. Croix USVI and loved it!

  • Lu

    We’ve had our Berkey for about 10 yrs now and love it so much. I use it for our fur kids and plants. In fact, I’ve convinced many friends to get a Berkey once they taste our water… which is great — now when I visit friends I know I’ll have clean water to drink! ;)

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