Berkey Filters California

Recommended for 1-3 People

Comes with 2 Filters

Maximum number of filters: 2

Max filtered water GPH: 2.75

Dimensions: 7.5"D x 19" H


GO Berkey® Kit 1 Quart (.95L) Gallons

Recommended for 1-2 People

Comes with 1 Filters

Maximum number of filters: 1

Max filtered water GPH: 1

Dimensions: 4"D x 14" H


Recommended for 2-5 People

2 Black Berkey Filters Included

Maximum of 4 Black Berkey Filters

Max filtered water GPH: 7.5

Dimensions: 9"D x 28" H




Berkey Filters California

Due to a California state law passed in 2010, we, as well as all other Berkey distributors, are prohibited from selling larger stainless steel Berkey systems directly in the state of California.

If you live in California, please consider our Berkey Light or Travel Berkey models. Accessories and replacement filters may be shipped directly into the state.