Replacement Filters

Black Berkey Filters

Each set lasts for up to 6000 gallons

Can be cleaned up to 100 times 

Removes 200+ contaminants

Dimensions -  2.25 " x 9.75 "

Made of a carbon composite

Berkey Fluoride Filters (PF2)

For Fluoride Free Water

Remove up to 97% of Fluoride from your water

Each set lasts for 1000 gallons 

Attach to Black Filters

Work with all systems except GO Berkey


Out Of Stock -

Berkey Shower Filter Replacement

Reduces Chlorine by up to 95%

Decreases Scale Build-Up

Shower Filter Only

Reduces Chlorine Vapor 

20,000 gallons per filter, or one year

Sport Berkey Replacement Filter

Replacement filter for Sport Berkey 

100 Gallons from municipal water sources

25 Gallons from questionable water sources, 


Replacement Filters

Berkey Filters are designed to outlast all of the competition. Our main purification element, the Black Berkey filter, was engineered to last for years - literally.

Even with the most economical water filtration device on the market, Berkey filtering elements still need to be replaced at some point during their long life. When that time comes, we offer replacement filters built to the exacting standards you have come to expect from Berkey.

The Berkey Fluoride Filter removes Fluoride from your drinking water. Our Shower Filter Replacement allows you to use your existing shower head or replace the filter on the Berkey shower filter.