Replacement Filters and Accessories

Black Berkey Filters

Each set lasts for up to 6000 gallons

Can be cleaned up to 100 times 

Removes 200+ contaminants

Dimensions -  2.25 " x 9.75 "

Made of a carbon composite

Berkey Fluoride Filters (PF2)

For Fluoride Free Water

Remove up to 97% of Fluoride from your water

Each set lasts for 1000 gallons 

Attach to Black Filters

Work with all systems except GO Berkey

Berkey Stand

Raises your Berkey 6 inches

Adds style and functionality 

Extra Durability and Stability

Non-marking rubber feet

4 Different sizes

Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

High quality 304 Food Grade stainless steel

Food Grade Silicone washers


Sport Berkey Water Bottle

Recommended for 1 Person

Comes with 1 Filter

Maximum number of filters: 1

Capacity: 22oz

Dimensions: 2.5"D x 11" H

Black Berkey Primer

Hand pump for Black Berkey Filters

Quickly prime or purge

100% made and assembled in USA


Out Of Stock -

Berkey Maintenance Kit for Stainless Steel Units

Everything you need to keep your Berkey in perfect

Only fits stainless steel models 

Includes Prime Rite and Anti Airlock Clip

Berkey Shower Filter Replacement

Reduces Chlorine by up to 95%

Decreases Scale Build-Up

Shower Filter Only

Reduces Chlorine Vapor 

20,000 gallons per filter, or one year


Out Of Stock -

Berkey Water View Spigot (WVS)

Comes in 3 different sizes

Easily view how much water is in your Berkey 

Machined aluminum and food-grade polypropylene

Berkey Shower Filter

Reduces Chlorine by up to 95%

Decreases Scale Build-Up

Shower Head &Filter

Reduces Chlorine Vapor inhalation in Shower

20,000 gallons per filter, or one year


Out Of Stock -

Sport Berkey Replacement Filter

Replacement filter for Sport Berkey 

100 Gallons from municipal water sources

25 Gallons from questionable water sources, 

Berkey Filters Pro Kit

One Filter Priming Kit

One Anti-Airlock Clip

Two Vials of Red Dye

One 500ml Boroux Basics Bottle


Berkey Light Maintenance Kit


Out Of Stock -

Bio Film Drops


Out Of Stock -

Replacement Filters and Accessories

Berkey water filters are designed to give you peace of mind and not worry about what is in your water. Our main filter, the Black Berkey filter, was engineered to last for years and remove over 200 contaminants. Though filters have a long life expectancy, they will need to eventually be replaced. Berkey replacement filters have you covered for all of your filtering needs.

Looking to upgrade your Berkey? We provide all of the accessories needed to customize your Berkey to fit your needs.