About Berkey Filters

Berkey Filters is a family-owned and operated business headquartered just East of the farming community of Pueblo, Colorado. The founders began their venture into serving water filters to customers in the late 1990's. The need for drinking water was important for the growing family and they were compelled to share solutions with others. In its infancy, Berkey Filters only offered the Big Berkey model but has since progressed to offer the full line-up of Berkey Water Filter models. The original goal, which still remains at the forefront of operations is "Always ensure every customer is 100% satisfied." By striving for "every customer of berkeyfilters.com is a customer for life" the company has excelled in innovation. What began in a home garage is now a thriving business. The growth and success led to the expansion of multiple warehouse locations, and hiring more local skilled employees. With a continued focus on providing superior products and service, Berkey Filters is the clear choice for water filtration.

Employees of Berkey Filters


Berkey Filters Mission

As a family-owned company, we understand the need to protect your loved ones. That is why we are passionate about raising awareness on water quality concerns, and providing the peace of mind that comes from taking control of your water. Berkey water filters use a filtration process to remove harmful contaminants, returning your water to its freshest state. Berkey Filters, bringing the power of water to you.

Berkey Filters Purpose

We believe in the power water. Our purpose is to hydrate the world with peace of mind.