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The Berkey Water Filter is a revolutionary product. Because these water filters far outperform standard offerings, we're sure you have questions.

We at Berkey Filters want you to be informed and educated so you can make an informed decision on something as important as the quality of your drinking water. Please take the time to review the information and feel free to compare the Berkey to any other water filter available and find out for yourself why Berkey is considered the ultimate in water purification.

Berkey Filters

Berkey Water Filter

Detailed instructions on testing the Black Berkey filter element.

Berkey Water Filter

Find a host of information, including how the Berkey water filter compares to other water filters on the market and what and how many contaminants Berkey removes from your water. Also, find out how this amazing water filter works and more.

Selecting the Right Size

Need help picking the right Berkey model? We have some handy tools and lots of useful information to help you decide.

Berkey "How To"

Do you need to know how to prime your Black Berkey purification elements? We show you how to do this and how to perform many other useful tasks. Everything you need to know how to do in order to enjoy your Berkey for years to come.

Lab Results

Purifiers vs filters, what's the difference?

System Calculator

There's a Berkey for everyone!

Berkey Filters

The world leader in portable purification.