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Quick Start Guide

Are you the proud owner of a new Berkey Water Filter System? Check out our Berkey Quick Start Guide to get it up and running. Don't forget to watch the unboxing video to make sure you have all of the necessary components to your Berkey.

>Berkey Quick Start Guide

Berkey Water Filter Systems

How to Clean Your Berkey Products

Instructions on how to clean the Berkey Water Filter Systems and Black Berkey purification elements.

Priming Your Berkey Filters

Step by step guide on how to prime your Black Berkey purification elements and Fluoride Filters.

Testing the Black Berkey Filters

Detailed instructions on how to perform red dye test for the Black Berkey purification elements.

Instruction Manuals

PDF manuals for all of the Berkey Essentials.

Tightening the Berkey Spigot

How to tighten the Berkey Spigot after cleaning or to stop a leaky spigot.

Installing the Water View Spigot

Instructions on how to install the Water View Spigot on your Berkey System. 

Installing Berkey Hole Plugs

How to install the hole plugs in your Berkey Water Filter Systems.