Berkey "How To" Information

We understand that from time to time, we have Berkey Water filter customers that are attempting to complete a task but need a little help or clarification on how to proceed. We have compiled detailed instructions on how to accomplish these most requested tasks and broke them down into categories. Look at the list of information about Berkey products below and follow the link to find information on that particular Berkey Product. You will find information on cleaning, priming and maintaining your Berkey Water Filter.

Berkey Filters

Black Berkey Filter Information

Information on priming The Black Berkey water purification element before the first use and detailed instructions on priming and cleaning the Black Berkey water filter.

Fluoride Filter Information

Detailed instructions for flushing and priming the Berkey fluoride water filter cartridge.

Setting Up Your Berkey

Information on setting up your Berkey water filter system. Including; tightening the spigot, installing the hole plugs, installing the sight glass spigot and assembling your Berkey system from the beginning.

Routine Maintenance

Information on cleaning and basic hygiene to keep your Berkey water filter system producing quality purified water.

Lab Results

Purifiers vs filters, what's the difference?

System Calculator

There's a Berkey for everyone!

Berkey Filters

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