Berkey vs Alexapure Water Filters

Choosing a water filtration system can be daunting with all the options available on the marketplace. We've made it easy by comparing the Berkey with the competition so that you can see side by side results to help you find the best water filter system for your home.

For this comparison, we will look at the Big Berkey Water Filter with the most comparable model from Alexapure Water Filters, the Alexapure Pro.

Berkey vs Alexapure water filters

How Does a Big Berkey Work?

Gravity. Micropores. Ionic barrier. Water pour into the upper portion of a Berkey system uses gravity to pull contaminated water down through the filters. The dense material that the filters are made of prevent toxins from physically passing through because the pores are smaller than most contaminant molecules. An ionic barrier blocks any other molecules and only lets H2O pass through.  It takes out over 200 contaminants including, heavy metals, chromium VI, heavy metals, coliform, chloramine, glyphosate and other impurities, AND prevents bacteria growth. The essential minerals remain in the water.

Dive deeper into the Berkey purification process.

The Berkey chambers are made of polished stainless steel for quality and style. The interior Black Berkey filters are composed of more than six different medias with pores so small contaminants cannot literally pass through it. The media formulation has adsorption and adsorption properties which blocks contaminants that are smaller than the pore itself. Heavy metal ions are removed through an ion exchange process. 

Our Black Berkey purification element is composed of granular activated carbon It exceeds NSF/ANSI 53 standard  and is tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories. Each Berkey system purchased from comes with a Berkey Care Lifetime Warranty.

It takes about one hour to filter one gallon of water. Depending on the system size, it's suited for one person or up to a large household. It can be used indoor or outdoor, every day or for emergencies.

How Alexapure Pro Works

The Alexapure Pro water filtration system is also a gravity fed water system that targets over 200 contaminants including heavy metals and chlorine. Alexapure works in a similar way to the Berkey Water Systems, although they only have one filter that lasts for 1,000 gallons--less than the pair of Black Berkey Filters. It is also has a stainless steel design, and is tested to NSF/ANSI Standards. The Alexapure Pro offers a 30-day return warranty for unopened products and a one-year warranty for damaged products.

Rob Greenfield with Berkey

Comparing Cost

At first glance, the Alexapure Pro is slightly cheaper than the Big Berkey, but it has drawbacks. After the first initial system cost that includes filters, the Alexapure Pro becomes more expensive than the Big Berkey because the filter lifespan is 1,000 gallons shorter than the Big Berkey. At three gallons a day, a Big Berkey filter would last around a year longer than Alexapure Pro filters and over a longer period of time, that continues to add up.

When breaking down the cost of the systems over 6,000 gallons, the life expectancy of the Black Berkey Filters, the savings start to add up. When using three gallons of water per day, at the cost of $387, the Big Berkey comes out to being 4.6¢ per gallons. The cost of the Alexapure pro is $249.95 and lasts for 5,000 gallons, so you will need to purchase an additional filter for $199.95. This brings the cost to $369.90 and when using three gallons per day equates to 6.1¢ per gallon.

Comparing Performance

On top of cost, the Big Berkey also reigns superior on performance. The Berkey Systems removes 200 plus contaminants without taking out the beneficial minerals. The filtration of the Alexapure filters itself isn’t as robust as the Big Berkey and there are several areas the Big Berkey filtration is superior including copper, Chromium VI and lead. In fact, the Big Berkey filters over 3% more lead than the Alexapure Pro. Both systems take approximately one hour to filter one gallon of water.

Big Berkey
Alexapure Pro
Cost $387 $249.95
Price Per Gallon (6000 Gallons) 5¢ 6.2¢
Capacity (Gallons) 2.25 2.25
Filter Max Lifespan 6000 Gallons 5000 Gallons
Replacement Filter Cost $166 (set of 2) $119.95 (set of 1)
Lead % Removed >99.9% >96.4%
Chlorine % Removed
Chromium VI % Removed >99.8% 98.7%
Chloroform % Removed
Copper % Removed >99.9% >99.0%

So, which water filter is better?

Berkey Filters beats out Alexapure in overall cost, filtration capability, filter lifespan and warranty policy. Berkey Filter offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on products while Alexapure offers a one-year warranty. When you compare these systems, the ideal choice for water filtration is the Big Berkey Water Filter System.

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