Berkey vs. Aquatru Water Filters

When you are purchasing a water filtration system for your home, all of the options can be overwhelming. At Berkey Filters, we want to help educate you on the benefits and shortcoming of some of the options in order to make a well-informed decision on the water you will be providing yourself and your loved ones. We will be looking at the comparison between Aquatru water filter and the Berkey water filter. See how the Berkey Stacks up against the competition below.

Berkey vs Aquatru water filters

How Berkey Works

The Berkey Water System is a gravity fed water filtration system. It works by pouring water in the top chamber and allowing gravity and the weight of the water to push it through the Black Berkey Purification Elements. These purification elements are composed of more than six different medias. Their pores are so minute that contaminants and impurities physically cannot pass through the filter and become trapped. The media formulation has adsorption and adsorbtion properties. This allows the tiny pores to block water contaminants that are smaller than the pore itself. Heavy metal ions are removed through an ion exchange process where they are attracted and transformed by electrically bonding to the media. Due to the gravity filtration it tends to take about one hourĀ  to filter one gallon of water. This longer contact time with the filter is what allows it to remove the impurities.

How Aquatru Works

Aquatru works by using a 4-stage purifying process that is reliant on electricity in order to be used. The first two stages are a Pre-Carbon filter that reduces sand, silt, sediment, rust and particles from the water. The third stage is the reverse osmosis filter. The reverse osmosis filter reduces impurities in the water by forcing it through a membrane that traps the contaminants. The fourth and final stage is the VOC Carbon Filter. This final stage aims to enhance the taste of the water and prepare it for consumption. It generally takes about 15 minutes in order to filter one gallon of water.Ā 

Berkey Filters


One of the main barriers to purchasing a water filter is the cost you will incur right away. Our most comparable system to the Aquatru Water Filter, theĀ Travel Berkey, costs $345. The Aquatru water filter only offers one model, that will run you $449. At these prices, theĀ Travel Berkey is 40% cheaper than the Aquatru making it the better choice in upfront cost, but once you factor in the long-term cost, the Berkey becomesĀ an even clearer choice.

Here we will break down the cost overĀ 6000 gallons of filtering water, which is the life expectancy of the Black Berkey Purification Elements.Ā For this comparison we are calculating the cost based on the use of three gallons of water per day. Each Berkey system comes equipped with two Black Berkey Purification Elements. These filters will last up to 6000 gallons with no extra cost incurred. The Aquatru system comes equipped with three different filters. The first filter is the Pre-Carbon Filter that lasts for six months and costs $19.95. The second filter is the Reverse Osmosis filter that lasts for 1200 gallon at $49.95. At three gallons per day this will last for one year. The third filter is the VOC Carbon filter rated to last for 600 gallons, or six months at three gallons per day, and costs $29.95.

For two years of clean water, you will need an additionalĀ ten Pre-Carbon ($199.50)Ā four Reverse Osmosis ($199.80) andĀ ten VOC Carbon filters ($299.50). The total cost for all of the replacement filters adds up to $698.80 and when combined with the original cost of the system, it brings your total investment to $1147.80. When filteringĀ 6000 gallons of water overĀ 5+ years, the cost per gallon comes out to 19 cents per gallons using the Aquatru water filter.

TheĀ Travel Berkey comes standard with two of the Black Berkey Purification Elements. These purifiers will filter up to 6000 gallons of water. At no extra cost to the owner outside of the upfront cost, the firstĀ 6000 gallons of filtering water will cost you about 4 cents per gallon. Berkey vs Aquatru in cost comparison has a clear-cut winner, the Berkey Water Filter System.


Both systems do a very good job at removing contaminants and impurities from the water. The Berkey Systems removes over 200 contaminants all the while leaving beneficial minerals in the water. A few of the most common contaminants in municipal tap water are lead, chlorine, chromium VI, copper, and chloroform. Berkey filters have been tested by independent third-party laboratories to remove these contaminants at a rate of greater than 99.9%, with the exception of chromium VI which is removed at 99.8%.

According to Aquatru test results, it removes lead at 99.1%, chlorine at 96.6%, chromium VI at 97.2%, copper at 95.2%, and chloroform at 95%. You can find all of the testing results for the Black Berkey Purification Elements here. One of the major downfalls to the Aquatru Water Filter is that the clean water tank will only hold .75 gallons of clean filtered water at a time. This means that it is half the size of the Travel Berkey. Aquatru does offer an extra clean water reservoir that can be stored in the fridge for an additional $57.

Travel Berkey
Aquatru Water Filter
Cost $345 $469
Price Per Gallon (2400 Gallons) 4Ā¢ 19Ā¢
Capacity (Gallons) 1.5 .75
Filter Max Lifespan 6000 Gallons 1200 Gallons
Replacement Filter Cost $166 $99.85
Lead % Removed >99.9% 99.1%
ChlorineĀ % Removed
Chromium VIĀ % Removed >99.8% 97.2%
ChloroformĀ % Removed

The Bottom Line

The Berkey water filter and Aquatru water filter do a great job at providing you clean drinking water. When you take into account the filtering capabilities, the overall cost to purchase and maintain the systems, and ease of use the Berkey Water Filter system stands out as being the superior water filtering device. Add in the Berkey Filters lifetime guarantee and prorated warranty on the Black Berkey Purification Elements and you have a clear-cut winner.