Berkey vs. Clearly Filtered

Nothing is more daunting than searching for the right water filter for you and your family. To make it easier, Berkey Filters compares other water filter systems in the market so you can compare your options. For this comparison, we will look at the Travel Berkey Water Filter with the most comparable model from Clearly Water Filters, the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

Berkey vs Clearly filtered water filters

How Berkey Works

The Travel Berkey is a gravity fed water filtration system. It works by pouring water in the top chamber and allowing gravity and the weight of the water to push it through the Black Berkey Purification Elements. Berkey Water Filter Systems are intended for indoor or outdoor use. It removes over 200 contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, viruses, chloride, and lead using Black Berkey filters made up of granular activated carbon. It prevents bacteria growth and keeps the beneficial minerals in the water, plus exceeds NSF/ANSI 53 standard tested by state and EPA accredited laboratories. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and takes about one hour to filter one gallon of water. Each system purchased from Berkey Filters comes with a Berkey Care lifetime warranty.

How Clearly Filtered Pitchers Work

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is a gravity-fed water filter pitcher system that works for indoor use. It removes contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, chloride, and lead using a similar granulated carbon block. The BPA-free pitcher system meets and exceeds NSF standards and up to 30 minutes to filter half-gallon of water. Each system comes with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Berkey Filter Clearly Filtered water


The Travel Berkey is more expensive, but when you factor in the size of the system compared to the Clearly Water Pitcher, it’s relatively close since three Clearly Water Pitchers are about the same price. When you compare the longevity and the price of the filters, that’s where the similarities begin to change.

The Travel Berkey is $345 and that includes the initial Berkey water filters, which last up to 3000 each, or 6,000 gallons together. The Clearly Water Pitcher is $67.50, but the single filter lasts 100 gallons and filter cartridges cost $45 each. If you were to look at the price per gallon of each system up to 6,000 gallons (life expectancy of the Black Berkey Purification Elements), it’s 4 cents per gallon for the Travel Berkey, but a whopping 45 cents per gallon for the Clearly Water Pitcher. To last 6,000 gallons, the Clearly Water Pitcher needs 59 replacement filters after the initial filter, which makes the cost build-up to $2722.50. 

You can save on the initial cost if you sign up for the filter subscription program, but it’s a minimal discount because you’re still buying filters more often.


Both water filtration systems are good in terms of filtration with Berkey filtering out a bit more than Clearly Filtered. Both companies share lab test results as well, which is important as many brands aren’t transparent about their filtering capabilities.

But the Travel Berkey is less stress over time. The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher only lasts 100 gallons with a single filter. Not only is that harmful to the planet, but it also means more time and money spent on replacing filters. With two Black Berkey filters lasting up to 6,000 gallons, that’s years of time before they need to be replaced. And since the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is a third smaller than the Travel Berkey, you’re spending more time on refilling the system as well.

Berkey Filters offers a lifetime warranty on filtration systems, including the Travel Berkey, while Clearly filtered offers a 90-day warranty. So if you’re not satisfied within 90 days, you could be stuck with the unit.

While you potentially could take the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher wherever you go, it is not made for traveling like the Travel Berkey. Likewise, the Travel Berkey could still work for home use for a single person.

Travel Berkey
Clearly Filtered
Cost $345 $75
Price Per Gallon (2400 Gallons) 45¢
Capacity (Gallons) 1.5 .5
Filter Max Lifespan 6000 Gallons 100 Gallons
Replacement Filter Cost $166 $45
Lead % Removed >99.9% 99.5%
Chlorine % Removed
Chromium VI % Removed >99.8% 96.9%
Chloroform % Removed
Copper % Removed

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a water filtration solution that’s affordable, easy for traveling, has reasonable water volume and a sleek design, the Travel Berkey is the right option for you. The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher has substantial costs over time and isn’t practical in comparison to the Travel Berkey. The Travel Berkey’s advantage in size, filtration, and portability makes it the best choice.

Start your filtration journey with Berkey Filters and get your own Travel Berkey today.