Berkey vs Propur Water Filters

Choosing a water filtration system can be daunting with all the options available on the marketplace. We've made it easy by comparing the Berkey with the competition so that you can see side by side results to help you find the best water filter system for your home.

For this comparison, we will look at the Big Berkey Water Filter with the most comparable model from Berkey and Propur. 

Berkey vs Aquatru water filters

How Berkey Works

Water is fed through the Berkey filters using gravity. The filters are made of a dense material that prevents toxins from physically passing through and repels molecules with ionic barrier.  It takes out over 200 contaminants including, heavy metals, chromium VI, heavy metals, coliform, chloramine, glyphosate and other impurities, AND prevents bacteria growth.The beneficial minerals in the water remain. 

Dive deeper into the purification process.

The Berkey chambers are made of polished stainless steel for quality and style. The interior Black Berkey filters are composed of more than six different medias with pores so small contaminants cannot physically pass through it. The media formulation has adsorption and adsorption properties which blocks contaminants that are smaller than the pore itself. Heavy metal ions are removed through an ion exchange process. 

Our Black Berkey purification element is composed of granular activated carbon It exceeds NSF/ANSI 53 standard  and is tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories. Each Berkey system purchased from comes with a Berkey Care Lifetime Warranty.

It takes about one hour to filter one gallon of water. Depending on the system size, it's suited for one person or up to a large household. It can be used indoor or outdoor, every day or for emergencies.

How Propur Works

The Propur filter system is also a gravity-fed water system. It filters out contaminants like heavy metals, glyphosate and other impurities at a rate similar to the Berkey. It can also be used indoors, outdoors, or in emergency situations.
Each system is made of 304 stainless steel for quality and style and the ProOne G2.0 Filter Element is composed of granular activated carbon filter and meets NSF/ANSI 53 & 42 standards tested by the State and EPA. Propur systems can be used by as many as four people but many systems are for one to two people. It takes roughly five and a half hours to filter one gallon of water.
Berkey Filters with baby


When initially looking at the two systems, Propur appears to be the more affordable choice. However, after adding up the cost of the filters, the overall cost is more than a Berkey. 

The upfront cost of paying for a system and filters is a big barrier. We compared the Propur Traveler with our most similar model, the Travel Berkey. The Travel Berkey costs $285, while the Propur Traveler costs $189. That's where the savings stop. Long term, the Berkey is more economical.

Here's the breakdown the cost over the lifespan of the Black Berkey Purification Elements. The cost is based on the use of three gallons of water per day.

Each Berkey system comes equipped with two Black Berkey filters. These Berkey filters will last up to 6,000 gallons with no extra cost incurred. At a rate of three gallons per day, the included filters should last approximately five and half years.

The Propur system comes with only one filter. The filter, ProOne G2.0 5" Filter Element, lasts for a mere six months (at three gallons per day) and costs $69.50. Ten additional ProOne G2.0 5" Filter Elements ($69.50) would be needed for five and half years of clean water. The total cost for all of the replacement filters adds up to $695. When combined with the original cost of the system, the total investment to around $884 for the Propur system.

When filtering 6,000 gallons of water over five and a half years, the cost per gallon comes out to 15 cents per gallon using the Propur water filter.

The Travel Berkey filter system comes standard with two of the Black Berkey Purification Elements. These purifiers will filter up to 6,000 gallons of water which brings the cost to 5 cents per gallon using a Berkey.

When comparing Berkey vs Propur in cost, the unanimous winner is the Berkey Water Filter System.


Both the Berkey and the Propur water filter system do a good job at water filtration. Both remove contaminants and impurities to provide clean drinking water for families and individuals. The Berkey Systems stands out because it removes over 200 contaminants and at a higher rate. The beneficial minerals are left in the drinking water. Lead, chlorine, chromium VI, copper, and chloroform are the most common contaminants in municipal tap water. Check out our comparison chart to see which system filters these out better. 

Berkey filters have been tested by independent, unbiased, third-party laboratories. The results show Berkey filters remove these contaminants at a rate of greater than 99.9%, with the exception of chromium VI which is removed at 99.8%. Find all of the testing results for the Black Berkey Purification Elements here.

According to Propur test results, it removes lead at 100%, chlorine at >99.9%, chromium VI at 98.7%, copper at 89.8%, and chloroform at 98.3%. 

The Propur Traveler is slightly larger than the Travel Berkey at 1.6 gallons, but as noted in the previous section, the filters do not last nearly as long as the Black Berkey Filters. The flow rate is also dramatically slower than the Black Berkey Filter and the purification speed is 0.18 gallons per hour.

Travel Berkey
Propur Traveler
Cost $285 $189
Recommended # of People 1-3 1
Price Per Gallon (6000 Gallons) 15¢
Capacity (Gallons) 1.5 1.6
Filter Max Lifespan 6000 Gallons 600 Gallons
Flow Rate 1 Gallon / Hour 0.18 Gallons / Hour
Replacement Filter Cost $148 (set of 2) $69.50
Lead % Removed >99.9% 100%
Chlorine % Removed
Chromium VI % Removed >99.8% 98.7%
Chloroform % Removed

The Bottom Line

Berkey Filters beats out Propur in overall cost, filtration, filter lifespan and even warranty.  Berkey systems filter water faster and last longer. Berkey Systems include more filter elements, and are significantly less expensive over time. Berkey Filter offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on products while Propur only offers a 30-day money back guarantee. When you compare these systems, the ideal choice for water filtration is the Big Berkey Water Filter System

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