Berkey vs Zen Water Filters

If you’re looking for the best water filters for you and your family, there are plenty of purification systems out there, but how do you know what’s right for you? At Berkey Filters, we make your research easier by comparing our products with the competition so that you can make an informed decision. For this comparison of countertop water filters, we will look at the Berkey water filters Crown Berkey with the most comparable model from Zen Water Systems, Rejuvenate.

Berkey vs Zen water filters

How Crown Berkey Works

The Crown Berkey filter system is a gravity fed water system that works for indoor use, outdoor use and emergency situations. In fact, this system was created to handle large groups of people in natural disasters and other emergency situations and can be used by more than six people to provide clean water. Composed of granular activated carbon, the Black Berkey Filter removes over 200 contaminants including heavy metals, chloride, glyphosate and other materials. It prevents bacteria growth and keeps the good minerals in the water, plus exceeds NSF/ANSI 53 standards when tested by state and EPA accredited laboratories. The Crown Berkey is made of high quality stainless steel and takes a little less than one hour to filter one gallon of water, and holds six gallons. Each system purchased from Berkey Filters comes with the Berkey Care lifetime warranty.

How Zen Rejuvenate Water Filter Works

The Zen Water Rejuvenate filter system is a gravity fed 6-stage filtration system that works for indoor use. Composed of a 5-stage mineral water filter and a micro ceramic filter, the system removes hundreds of chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, chloride and bacteria. The system consists of a BPA-free plastic body and has a flow rate of  The Zen Water Systems comes with a 30-day defect replacement warranty and a 10-day damage replacement warranty.

Berkey vs zen water


The Crown Berkey seems expensive with the initial cost at $504, but the $114.95 price tag on the Rejuvenate can be deceiving. Part of what makes the Crown Berkey stand out are the Black Berkey filters, which last up to 6,000 gallons and are easy to clean and maintain. If you were to use three gallons a day, the initial filters could last five or six years.

Let’s look at the math. The Crown Berkey price per gallon for 2,400 gallons is 15 cents per gallon when you divide the starting price ($407) by 2,400 gallons. For the Rejuvenate, you’d have to change out multiple filters multiple times to hit 2,400 gallons. The Micro Ceramic Filter has to be replaced every year (or 1,000 gallons) and the 5-Stage Mineral Filter Cartridge has to be replaced every six months (or 500 gallons.) If you want it to be affordable, you’d want to get three, annual maintenance kits so that it lasts at least 2,400 gallons. Those are $67.95 per kit, plus you’d want to get the 5-stage filter at $18.95 since it only lasts six months. To get 2,400 gallons out of the Rejuvenate, it would be $269.80 or 11 cents a gallon. Yes, this is still cheaper, but what if you wanted it to last the same lifespan as the Black Berkey filters? You’d want to get five annual maintenance kits to make it last that long. For those, plus the system, it’s $454.70 or 8 cents per gallon. In the end, it costs nearly $100 more than the Crown Berkey.


Zen Water Systems offers little information on how well any of its systems perform, including the Rejuvenate. Unlike Berkey Filters, which shares lab test results and percentages of what is filtered out of the water system, there is little to no information provided by Zen Water Systems on what is filtered. Zen notes that over 99% of chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides and hundreds of other chemicals are removed, but fluoride isn’t. Berkey removes lead, chloride, chromium, copper, chloroform, bacteria, pesticides, viruses and more. And with the Berkey Fluoride Filters used in combination with the Black Berkey filters, you can remove over 97% of Fluoride as well.

The majority of Berkey water filters, including the Crown Berkey, have an advantage with their high quality stainless steel finishes, which look more appealing and are less likely to mildew like the Rejuvenate’s plastic finish. And with the Crown Berkey, it’s easy to maintain with washable Black Berkey filters that can filter up to 6,000 gallons while the Zen Rejuvenate has multiple filters that need to be changed at different times.

Crown Berkey
Zen Rejuvenate
Cost $504 $114.95
Price Per Gallon (6000 Gallons) Less than 3¢
Capacity (Gallons) 6 6
Filter Max Lifespan 6000 Gallons

5-Stage Mineral Water Filter: 500 Gallons

Micro Ceramic Filter: 1000 Gallons

Replacement Filter Cost $166 $407.70 (6 annual maintenance kits)
Lead % Removed >99.9% Not Specified
Chlorine % Removed
Chromium VI % Removed >99.8% Not Specified
Chloroform % Removed
Not Specified
Copper % Removed >99.9% Not Specified

Bottom Line

The Crown Berkey offers an easy, long lasting solution for water filtration compared to the Zen Rejuvenate. While the price may seem right for the Rejuvenate, it can’t beat the cost-effectiveness, strong performance and high quality that Crown Berkey offers. The ease of using the Berkey water system seals the deal.

Start filtering your water for your family and get the Crown Berkey today.